Five FLVS Electives That Teach Life Skills

This article was originally written and published in the FLVS student newspaper, News in a Click

Despite money management being a highly important life skill, a survey conducted in 2016 states that only 17 states in the US require a personal finance class to graduate high school. This has remained unchanged since 2014. Luckily, FLVS offers a “Personal and Family Finance” class to help prepare students for graduation. This is only one of many important electives that FLVS offers!

Personal and Family Finance

As stated, this class is very important to a student’s future. According to an article written by Brian Page, a personal finance adviser, “If we teach teens the skills they need today to manage their money tomorrow, we stand to improve their lives, our lives as parents and teachers and the economy of our country.”

Life Management Skills

This class teaches how to “deal with real issues that impact your everyday life, such as nutrition, substance abuse, stress, and health.” Some of the topics taught include suicide prevention, healthcare product selection, goal setting and personal applications, and many other important topics.

Career Research and Decision Making

This class is coached by a highly-successful Harvard graduate who teaches students how to make the right choices for college and careers. This one-segment class sets out to make soon-to-be graduates feel more prepared.

Driver Education/Traffic Safety

It may surprise many students to learn that FLVS offers a driver’s ed course. Students must be at least 14 and a half years of age to take it, but it will teach you all of the important rules of the road and help to prepare you for your driving test. The class description states that “as an added benefit for completing the course with FLVS, you will also be eligible to take the Florida Learner’s License (permit) exam online for FREE.”

Leadership Skills Development

This course includes two segments which teach you leadership techniques, such as how to take action, manage your time, chart your goals and more. These are techniques that many will find useful in college and daily life.

Ready to get started? Head on over to the FLVS course list to sign up for these classes and help prepare for after-school life!

 This post was written by Katie Tramontana and originally published by the FLVS student newspaper, News in a Click.

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