FLVS Flex Elementary Enrollment Now Open

August is just around the corner and that means it’s time to begin planning to go back to school!

Last month, Governor Rick Scott signed a bill which included language to remove eligibility requirements for certain elementary students wishing to enroll in FLVS. This means that ALL Kindergarten-12th grade students in Florida are now able to enroll in FLVS – including our Flex Elementary classes!

FLVS Flex Elementary is an innovative program free to all Florida students in Kindergarten-5th grade, and enrollment is underway.

The program follows a semester-based schedule with flexible enrollment options available during the school year, allowing students to complete assignments following a suggested weekly pace with parent guidance.

Scheduling can be adjusted to accommodate each student’s needs and enrollment date. Students meet with classmates and their teacher twice a week for online live video lessons or “Class Time,” giving them an opportunity to interact in real time.

This flexible option may benefit your family by allowing young students to:

  • Create or complement a homeschool curriculum
  • Engage in interactive activities and lessons through comprehensive online offerings including Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, Science, Technology, and special area electives
  • Learn from dedicated, certified teachers who provide 1:1 support
  • Build close teacher and classmate relationships through group activities
  • Work independently on enrichment activities with parental support

Information Sessions

Want to learn more? There are two more Information Sessions!

Have a student entering Kindergarten? Join us for Kindergarten Round Up!

“Meet the Teacher” Sessions

  • August 10 at 9 a.m. (Kindergarten-2nd grade)
  • August 10 at 10:30 a.m. (3rd-5th Grade)

School starts August 14

Ready to sign up? Learn more about FLVS Flex Elementary and register for courses today! Get started here or call (800) 374-1430 for more information.

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4 comments on “FLVS Flex Elementary Enrollment Now Open

  1. Ana Santos

    Hello, I have a son 14, 11th grade in FLVS Flex so I’m familiar with it. I also have a daughter that is 3 and her birthday day is December 3rd when she will turn 4 years old. I couldn’t get her in preschool because of her birthday is past September 1st. She is really advanced since I homeschool my oldest and taken the time to teach her everything she needs to know for preschool and started kindergarten materials at home. I was wondering if she is to young to do Flvs flex? Will she be ready for kindergarden since I have cover preschool and started kindergarten with her? Thanks Anna


      Hi Ana. As a public school, we do have to follow the state requirement for students to be 5 years old before Sept 1st to start Kindergarten. However, you could still have her cover more advanced material while using FLVS Flex to support or supplement other homeschool activities as she gets older!


      FLVS Flex can serve as a supplement for public, private, or charter school students – or a supplemental or comprehensive school option for those registered with their local school district as homeschool student.


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