Rolling out the Red Carpet!

Two weeks ago, I attended the Macy’s Florida Teacher of the Year Roundtable and Gala. I spent the week meeting and collaborating with fellow district teachers of the year past and present.

I also met Florida Commissioner of Education Pamela Stewart and Chancellor Hershel Lyons. Thanks to the amazing sponsors for this event, I felt celebrated and appreciated all week receiving gifts and surprises every day.

The gala was held on Thursday at the Hard Rock Live in Orlando where Governor Rick Scott and First Lady Ann Scott made a special appearance. This event was like being in a Miss America pageant complete with glitz and glam!

I walked the red carpet, had my picture taken, and was hustled backstage. Before I knew it, the spotlights were circling and the curtain rose to reveal 73 district teachers standing on stage.

Through the bright lights, I found my family and FLVS guests.

With a proud and wide smile on my face, I waited for my name to be called before gracefully walking across the stage to present myself as the Florida Virtual School District Teacher of the Year. Inside I was thinking, “Don’t fall or trip on live television.”

The evening continued to highlight the top five nominees before announcing the 2018 Macy’s Florida Teacher of the Year. Confetti and sparkles rained down as everyone celebrated and cheered.

It was a very special night during a week I will always remember!

Lisa Ullmann, Florida Virtual School 2018 District Teacher of the Year, joined FLVS more than 10 years ago to provide individualized instruction to students. As an ambassador for online learning, she represents FLVS by hosting online events and promoting the importance of online education to leaders throughout the community. She is also a recipient of the United States Distance Learning Association Award for Excellence in Teaching and Training.

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