FLVS Introduces Agriscience Foundations 1

Have you ever considered a career in agriculture? 

According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), agriculture and related industries make up 11 percent of jobs in America, including food service, farming and fishing, food and beverage manufacturing, and more! All these industries are made up of field professionals ranging from farmers to environmental engineers and food scientists to water quality specialists.  

Discover the possibilities with Florida Virtual School (FLVS) in our new course, Agriscience Foundations 1. 

Learn about the Future of Agriculture 

In Agriscience Foundations 1, high school students learn about the global impact of agriculture, and how agriscience is leading the future of the industry. Students will learn key scientific and research concepts that drive the field and use specialized labs to gain hands-on knowledge and experience. This course will also teach students the effects agriculture has on the environment and how agriscience professionals are finding solutions for agricultural sustainability.  

Throughout this course, students will develop their professional skills and learn about career options in the vast field of agriscience. Additionally, students will have a unique opportunity to talk to professionals in their job of interest!  

Become an Agriculture Associate 

 Agriscience Foundations 1 is the first of three courses FLVS is offering in its new Agricultural Communications Program of Study. This program offers students the opportunity to take two industry certification exams and prepare for a rewarding future in the Agricultural Communications industry.  

The Agricultural Communications Program of Study includes three courses: 

  • Agriscience Foundations 1 
  • Agricultural Communications 2 (available in 2021-22) 
  • Agricultural Communications 3 (available in 2022-23) 

After completing Agriscience Foundations 1, students can take the Agriculture Associate Certification exam, a nationally recognized credential in the agribusiness field, which assesses students’ knowledge of the fundamental principle of agriscience, including safety, scientific procedures, plant and animal sciences, and more. By completing this certification exam, students will become industry certified as an Agriculture Associate. 

Students can also earn their Agricultural Communications Certification after completing Agricultural Communications 2 and 3. This certification exam assesses students’ knowledge and skills needed for a career in the Agricultural Communications industry.  

Agriscience Foundations 1 is a full-credit honors course that counts as a Career and Technical Education (CTE) or science credit for high school students, helping them earn industry knowledge and certification while meeting graduation requirements. Students can enroll in Agriscience Foundations 1 today! 

Learn more at flvs.net/whatsnew.

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