Meet Jack, FLVS Student Cyclist

Jack Mizzoni is a student cyclist from Ocala who takes courses with FLVS Flex. When he is not working on his FLVS coursework, you can usually find him training on his mountain bike!

Now entering 10th grade, Jack has been taking online courses with FLVS since middle school. This past summer, he enrolled in Personal Financial Literacy. Jack loves to “flex” his time and often works on his schoolwork while traveling across the southeast racing his bike. He’s even been known to complete discussion-based assessment (DBA) with his teacher while on two wheels!

Even though his race season was sidelined by COVID this year, his third place finish at the USA Cycling National Championship earned him a spot on the USA Cycling Junior Development team. Throughout the pandemic, he has continued training over 100 miles a week.

Thanks to the flexibility and support FLVS offers, Jack has had multiple opportunities to compete nationally. In 2019, Jack represented Florida at the USA Cycling National Championship in Colorado at an elevation of 9,500 feet. Jack had never raced at altitude before and when he was called up to the line with 144 other Juniors from across the country, he didn’t know what to expect. All he could do was trust in the hours and miles of training that lead to that moment. Jack was proud to finish third and brought home the bronze metal in the Jr. Cross Country category.

Thanks to FLVS, Jack started high school with four high school credits under his belt and a shiny bronze metal on the wall. He plans to continue his academic and cycling success throughout high school!

2 comments on “Meet Jack, FLVS Student Cyclist

  1. Natalia Cruz

    Way to go Jack! You’re definitely an inspiration to us all here at FLVS! My dad is also a cyclist and I know how difficult and challenging it can be at times. Continue the hard work, it encourages me to do better!

  2. Jada Rivera

    That’s awesome Jack!! You really are an inspiration to us all!
    If you can train and do work…. So can I!
    Keep it up Jack!


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