FLVS Student Receives Full Scholarship to Princeton

Of 3.2 million high school graduates in the United States, 2.1 million (66.2 percent) will enroll in college. Princeton University, a private Ivy League research university in New Jersey, offered admission to just 1,823 students in 2020. FLVS Full Time student Matthew Ciccone was not only accepted, but also received a full four-year scholarship to the elite school.

Get to know Matthew in this interview with the FLVS Full Time Class of 2021 graduate!

Getting Ahead with AP Courses & Dual Enrollment

Matthew has attended FLVS Full Time since 4th grade. In addition to honors and Advanced Placement courses, he takes Dual Enrollment courses with both Polk State University and the University of Florida. His favorite areas of study include science, mathematics, and programming.

“I have always been intrigued by the ways that the world functions, how we interpret and predict applications of that information, and how we use that information alongside cutting-edge technology to produce results that benefit humanity,” he said.  

His enrollment at Princeton University was completed through the QuestBridge National College Match program, and he is a Match Scholarship Recipient through Princeton. He intends to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering and his graduate education will be in Chemical and Biological Engineering.

“This program will be a wonderful fit for the passion I hold for scientific exploration, alongside my desire to improve on what we already know about the human body through innovation,” he said. “As a researcher, I will collaborate alongside brilliant minds at the cutting-edge of bioengineering to discover new ways to understand and bolster human health, from mind to heart.”  

Thriving with Flexibility and Support

We asked Matthew to share what he liked most about FLVS and his time here. 

“I’ve found that FLVS is an excellent platform for flexibility that allows its students to create their own schedule while still providing a challenging, effective curriculum. Compounded with the support I received from FLVS faculty and the resources of the school being constantly accessible from any location, FLVS has played an instrumental part in where I am today.”

The 18-year-old Davenport resident said that a favorite pastime of his is cycling because in addition to burning off calories he likes to “feel the breeze on his face and it provides a way for me to refocus and prepare myself for whatever challenge I’ll be tackling next.” Future hopes include joining the Princeton Tigers’ rowing team. Matthew said he is also an avid reader who loves to spend a free afternoon with a good novel.

Growing with Teachers Who Inspire & Empower

Matthew wanted to give special thanks to several people at FLVS.

  • Mrs. Rebecca Heinzmann, High School Counselor, “for encouraging and aiding my dual enrollment efforts. She has supported my desire to reach greater heights through education when that support was needed most.”
  • Mrs. Amsler Burns, AP Biology, “for supporting me throughout high school and challenging me to go further with my knowledge and engage with the content on a level beyond the course itself.”
  • Mrs. Marleah Ruiz, Chemistry, “I greatly appreciate the aid she offered during the college application process.”
  • Beyond FLVS, Mrs. Mary Westgate, Polk State College Coordinator of Student Services – “She’s been instrumental in organizing my Dual Enrollment studies, especially during my initial transition to the responsibility such classes hold.”
  • “To all of you, and many more who have cheered me on and provided support during my time with FLVS, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

The future Princeton student had some heartfelt closing words of wisdom:

“Be true to yourself. Focus on what inspires you. Live through that passion to create something for the betterment of humanity.”   

Thank you, Matthew, and congratulations on your incredible achievement! We wish you success at Princeton and beyond and look forward to hearing from you again.

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Reference: College Enrollment of High School Graduates

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  1. George Schlitz

    Matt Good Luck.You are a very intelligent young man and i know you will become a great success in what ever you do!

  2. Monica Hammett


    It suffices to say that I am very thankful for this inspirational moment. What has been done so far not only exemplifies hard work, but it also shows resilience and endurance that apply to life in general. I am one of those virtually cheering you on, knowing that this foundation will strengthen your resolve for greater accomplishments and yes: Watch out world! this is very good…but… “the best is yet to come.”



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