The Feeling of Warmth. Now Available Online.

While the true origin of Valentine’s Day is not clear, we do know that sometime during the Middle Ages, the day became widely recognized as a celebration of love. In fact, the oldest known Valentine still in existence is a poem penned in 1415 by a French duke. Now, more than 600 years later, we continue to share warm fuzzies and heart-filled emojis every February. 

This year may look different as we find creative ways to share the love, but we are thrilled to pass along heartfelt sentiments from our FLVS families and staff who recreate those feelings of warmth online!

Teachers and Staff

“I love working for FLVS because it has reshaped and renewed my love for teaching precious students!” – Jennifer Coleman, FLVS 2nd Grade Teacher

“I love FLVS for the great relationships with colleagues, students, and families!” – Michaela Ann Elliot, FLVS Elementary Art 

“It provides students a personalized educational experience!” – Heather Berry, Internship Partnership Manager

“FLVS CARES, about me, about coworkers…which gives me peace of mind to focus on work and family, especially during these trying times for everyone.” – Sharon Sewell-Grant, FLVS Support Specialist

Our teachers and staff are the heart of FLVS – dedicating their time to help students thrive everyday. And they love what they do!

But what would we be without our students and families? To our parents who help their children succeed and our outstanding students who take the lead, we are so glad you are a part of FLVS.

When we asked family what they love about FLVS, courses were only the tip of the iceberg. Parents and students rave about the flexibility, supportive learning, and our amazing teachers!

Students and Parents

“All of my teachers have been the most understanding, compassionate, and supportive teachers I’ve ever had in my years in school. FLVS gave me a second chance for a better future.” 

“My son loves FLVS…he’s excelling and learning so much. He loves his teachers and takes his middle school classes seriously.” 

“As a parent, I love FLVS because my son can travel with me on long business trips and never miss a day of school.” 

“I love FLVS because I can work on school at night in my pajamas.” 

FLVS wouldn’t be where it is today without all of our supportive families, teachers, and staff. Thank you to all you do for students everyday! 

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