Introducing the New Florida Virtual School Mascots!

Last fall, we announced that Megabyte was graduating after 10 “fin”tastic years at Florida Virtual School and asked for your help in writing a new story for our mascots. After thousands of submissions in the Mascot Design Contest, you voted for your favorites and our creative team went to work to create the final mascots you’ll see today. 

Over the past five months, our creative team took inspiration from the student design concepts and created three final mascots. As you can see, while all the mascots have their own unique identity and personality, they also look like a family—which is what we always aim to be: a FLVS family!

We are excited to welcome the newest members of the Florida Virtual School Fam, the FLVS Full Time Elementary, Middle, and High school mascots: The Sharks, The Owls, and The Firebirds.

Say Hello to the Newest Members of the Florida Virtual School Fam!

New mascots, new names. From March 30th to April 11th, you submitted names for one or each of the mascots.

Now you can say hello to:

  • Byte the Shark — the Full Time Elementary School mascot
  • Qwerty the Owl — the Full Time Middle School mascot  
  • Phoenix the Firebird — the Full Time High School mascot  

Bringing the New Mascots to Life

Elementary School: The Sharks

Originally submitted by Elena R., this cool fish was inspired by the fact that, “the elementary students of FLVS are the future,” shared Elena. “The mascot represents an elementary student exploring the limitless educational opportunities FLVS has to offer. The colorful mascot projects the elementary curriculum with a cheerful smile upon its face, promoting children’s excitement embarking on their educational journey.”

The new mascot is as friendly and colorful as the submission—and is ready to dive into their education journey!

Middle School: The Owls

This wise bird was submitted by Arina D. and she shared it is “inspired by the color palette of the FLVS online site. The owl is a representation of knowledge and wisdom, both values represented by FLVS teaching.”

The new design is ready to take off towards a bright future at FLVS!

High School: The Firebirds

Submitted by Mylee S., this mythical creature is inspired by her own journey with FLVS. “FLVS is a new beginning to a new way of learning,” shared Mylee. “The color blue represents commitment, intelligence, and wisdom; yellow represents hope, innovation, and mentality. I think these adjectives describe the spirit and pride of FLVS very well. I believe this concept would best fit 9-12 because those years are when we really start thinking about what we want to do with our lives. We all encounter more obstacles, and we all have to overcome a lot. However, we can rise to the occasion and surmount these obstacles.”

Cheers to new beginnings, with all three of our new mascots!

Ready to rep your school’s new mascot? Head to the school store for new merch featuring each school’s mascot.

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