Meet Sofia, FLVS Student and Ballerina

As winter approaches, thousands of dancers around the world have been preparing for one of the most well-known ballets of the holiday season, The Nutcracker. Although this year has presented many challenges, our dedicated dancers and performers say, “The show must go on!”

This December, Florida Virtual School (FLVS) Flex 9th grade student Sofia will dance in The Nutcracker presented by Orlando Ballet, performing as one of Clara’s friends.

Sofia began her ballet journey when she was just two years old. While growing up, Sofia’s family traveled around the world, which gave her the unique opportunity to learn ballet in various countries. She shared, “Ballet is one thing you can do no matter what language you speak,” explaining that she was able to practice ballet for performances in German and Spanish!

As an FLVS student, Sofia has been able to not only travel, but also attend dance auditions and intensives without class. In fact, many of her Orlando Ballet Academy dance-mates are also enrolled in online classes with FLVS as a flexible alternative to traditional public school.

With a busy dance schedule, occasional challenges do arise, but Sofia says that Mrs. Heflin, her Algebra 1 teacher, is a source of encouragement in helping her succeed and Mr. Chadwell, her Spanish teacher, has been supportive and flexible when squeezing lessons in between ballet classes!

Through her hard work and dedication to her academics and craft, Sofia earned a merit scholarship to attend the 2019 Joffrey Ballet’s Summer Intensive in New York City, which she treasures as one of her biggest accomplishments.

Sofia’s mother, Serena, shared her appreciation for FLVS, “I am grateful for the flexibility and support of FLVS to help my daughter do what she loves. Her father and I are so proud of all of her hard work both in school and in ballet!”

Fun Facts About Sofia:  

Hobbies: Calligraphy & Water Painting 
Favorite Subjects: Science & Social Studies 
Future Goals: Continuing to Dance 

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50 comments on “Meet Sofia, FLVS Student and Ballerina

  1. Dianne Harris

    I am so proud of you Sofia. I hope to see you perform soon. Keep up the great work and I know you love dancing and it shows in your beautiful face 💕💕💕💕Love you girl!!

    1. Sofia

      Oh my gosh I didn’t know there were comments on this blog!! Thank you, Ms. Dianne for your love and encouragement always! We miss you! 💕💕💕

  2. Mrs. Heflin

    So happy to have you as my student Sofia! You are such a talented and bright student. Congratulations on your accomplishments!

  3. Emily Henning

    Hi Sofia

    I am also a ballet dancer in 9th grade flex and this was so fun to read! I wish you good luck with your future career!

  4. Ezekiel Lominy

    Aye that’s super cool! I was able to get a job thanks to FLVS flex, and become a senior at 15. Keep up the good work

  5. L. Gunter

    Hello fellow dancer!
    I also do dancing even though I am twelve.
    I’ve danced in the nutcracker once and it is fun!!!!
    Wishing you luck in your career!

  6. Zara

    I’m a ballet dancer too and i’m 11. I’ve always wanted too be an amazing dancer like you someday.
    Wishing you the best luck in your career 😀

  7. Giuliana Puro

    Hi Sofia, I’m 13 and also a dancer who does flex lol
    so glad we can continue to dance during these times and glad flex works well for you 🙂 ♥

  8. Adrianna Chavez

    hey I also started dancing at 2 years old! I am in jimnastic now though.Also in 3 grade almost! how are you anyway?

  9. Brianna

    this is the most interesting blog there is in FLVS,
    I don’t know why I can’t see it in the front page of the FLVS website. because this is the most fun thing to read here. your basically the Audrey Hepburn in the FLVS world, LOL.


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