Tips for Creating the Perfect Learning Space

Still settling into an at-home learning routine this semester? If so, you may find that you are having a tough time staying focused, on track, or organized. If this is the case, we have a few tips to help you create the perfect learning environment at home. 

Find Quiet Space

Nothing makes school more difficult than noisy distractions; finding a quiet space to work is essential for students (and parents!) to stay focused while learning from home. Set up a workspace that is unique to your learning needs in a separate room away from loud noises, toys, and distracting electronics.  

Ensure Good Lighting 

When choosing a spot to attend live lessons and complete assignments, make sure there is adequate lighting. Try placing your desk in front of a window, in a room with a ceiling light, or in an area where you can add a floor or desk lamp to easily see what you’re writing, typing, or reading.   

Utilize Dual Monitors

If possible, try incorporating a second monitor so you can refer to modules, lessons, and notes on one screen while working on assignments on the other. Dual monitors are also a great way for students to spread out their windows to view live lessons, presentations, and more at the same time.  

Post a Calendar and Follow a Schedule 

With online learning, students have flexibility to customize their academic schedule to accommodate how and when they learn best and make time for the activities they love. With this flexibility, organization and timeliness is crucial to keeping up with academic due dates and deadlines.  By creating a calendar and following a weekly schedule, students will have a visual aid to monitor their progress and stay on track. 

Keep Essentials Handy 

Even if you are taking all of your courses online, school supplies are recommended to take notes, participate in activities, and stay organized throughout the year. Here are some of the essentials you should keep in your learning space: 

  • Notebooks 
  • Pens & Pencils 
  • Folders & Binders 
  • Mouse 
  • Headset 
  • Power Source

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Photo Credit: Kharma, FLVS Creative Photography student

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