Online Learning Provides Learning Consistency

As coronavirus cases surge, online learning continues to grow in popularity for students in Kindergarten through 12th grade. Many Florida families have chosen to continue taking courses at Florida Virtual School in the spring semester of 2021 with the aim to continue learning uninterrupted.

Studies have shown that teachers are better able to support students and maintain continuity when they are not disrupted by mid-year changes. By continuing their studies online, students are able to maintain academic momentum in a safe, stable, and supportive online learning environment.

“Stability is critical in a year when children are facing more mental pressure and trauma,” says Dr. Amy Hall, Student Mental Health and Safety Administrator for FLVS and licensed mental health counselor who has worked with students for more than 25 years. “Stability can give students a positive sense of control, which is helpful in times of uncertainty.”

“We’ve seen a major increase in mental health concerns since last spring. Online school offers a safe, supportive environment with consistency in learning,” added Dr. Hall.

Many students will also feel like they have more control in an online learning environment, as they have flexibility with their schedules, can work where they like, take breaks to go outside and recharge and more. Students can also decide who they allow into their lives electronically, which can help make bullying less of an issue.

Dr. Hall also says it’s important for students to stay well rounded and involved in social activities where meaningful relationships can be developed.

“When students feel supported, they thrive. They need to know that they’re not alone, and although social media sometimes can be problematic, students can build meaningful relationships online. For example, students can still participate in clubs and social activities while attending school virtually,” said Dr. Hall.

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