New Courses Offered by Florida Virtual School

Florida Virtual School (FLVS) develops an average of nine new courses every year. Each course is carefully designed and developed by the FLVS Curriculum Development Team to ensure student success. This year, we’re excited to announce five new additions to our high school course options!  

American Sign Language 2 

High school students can take their ASL skills to the next level in American Sign Language 2. In this course, students strengthen their communication while continuing to explore Deaf culture. Students must complete American Sign Language 1 prior to taking this course.  

For students interested in learning other foreign languages, Florida Virtual School offers five world languages for high school students, including Chinese, French, Latin, and Spanish. Each course is taught by certified teachers available to support students as they learn how to read, write, listen and speak the language through a variety of interactive activities. 

Visit our World Languages page to learn more.  

Meteorology Honors 

How can the weatherman predict when it will start raining? What technology does he use to track severe weather like hurricanes, tornados, and blizzards? In Meteorology Honors, students will learn the processes behind Earth’s weather and climate. This rigorous course will teach students how to use technology to analyze models and data to predict severe weather. 

Enroll in Meteorology Honors to explore solar energy, atmospheric and oceanic movement, and more!  

Environmental Science, Featuring Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation 

Did you know that one million plant and animal species are at risk of extinction? Unfortunately, many of these are due to the demands of the human population. Students dive into earth’s natural systems to understand how human activities affect our planet in our new Environmental Science featuring the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation. 

In this course, students will learn from the work of the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation to learn about our planet’s environmental challenges, including species extinction, climate change, and loss of biodiversity.  

Students can sign up to be notified when Environmental Science is open for enrollment. 

Agriscience Foundations 1 

Florida Virtual School and the FFA organization have partnered to create Agriscience Foundations 1. Students will learn about the history of agriculture, its global impact, and its effects on the environment, while using hands-on projects and labs to master content, explore career opportunities in agriscience, and interview professionals in the field. At the end of this course, students will have the opportunity to become industry certified as an Agriculture Associate!  

Enroll in Agriscience Foundations 1 today to jumpstart your career in agriculture!  

Computer & Network Security Fundamentals 

Florida Virtual School strives to offer courses that help students reach their college and career goals. This year we have added two new courses to our Career and Technical Education (CTE) course options!

Students interested in pursuing Cybersecurity will learn basic computer and networking security as well as investigate security on a national scale in Computer & Network Security Fundamentals. In this course, students will test their new computer skills and practice solving cybersecurity issues in virtual labs.  

Computer & Network Security Fundamentals will prepare students to take the nationally recognized CompTIA Security+ certification. Students intending to earn the CompTIA Security+ certification are required to take Digital Information Technology prior to taking Computer & Networking Security Fundamentals. 

Students can sign up to be notified when Computer & Network Security Fundamentals is open for enrollment! 

Ready to get started? View our full lineup of all-new courses.

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36 comments on “New Courses Offered by Florida Virtual School

    1. jolie

      well you can email your teacher to better understand your course and to continue with your lesson but you click the little box next to the lesson icon

      1. jolie

        good for you i am friends with someone who can use asl perfectly and is a perfect person in whole they are honesta ,generosa,and simpitca,and kind in every way no matter the consaqence and is there for everyone even if there not there for them.

  1. Kat

    I am currently taking ASL 1. Will I be able to speak ASL fluently when I finish ASL 2? Or will there be ASL 3 in the future?


      Hi Kat, Learning a language is sometimes a life long experience! While you will learn a lot in ASL 1 and ASL 2 most students are not fluent until they have had even more experience with a language. While we don’t have ASL 3, yet in the works, we hope that someday we may have it!

  2. Angela Ziegenfuss

    We are still waiting to be assigned a teacher for our 4th grade. Been on hold since 2pm toay.. its 7:38 pm.. still on hold. I signed up in May/2020.


      Hi Angela. Thanks for your patience! You should hear from your teacher soon after for a welcome call. Please keep checking your email for course updates!

  3. Emily


    I have a question I was wondering about the live lessons are they required for to earn credit for the class.

    Thank You

  4. Christine Ambrose

    Hello I signed up for my daughters to be registered since two months ago and it says they were placed on hold because if their home school status. I made sure to disenroll them from their homeschool and now they aren’t in any school. The status says they are waiting to be assigned please advise how I can resolve this issue ASAP please


      Hi Kaye! Although we only have a select number of AP courses available at the moment, we hope that someday we may add more. Keep an eye out for new course options!

  5. Bridget Schmahl

    I also have been waiting to get my son put in with a teacher for 4th grade however I have been teaching him in my spare time using online curriculums I can not find any good ones that dont cost a lot of money. I am a substitute teacher instead of waiting for a teacher can you send me the curriculum so I can teach it to him myself.


      Hi Bridget. We sincerely apologize for the delay. We are working to get students access to courses as quickly as possible. Thank you for you patience and understanding!

  6. Celeste

    Hi! I read that the Environmental Science class will be open in summer. Will students be able to request class now (before March 5th deadline to choose classes) so they can take it during Fall 2021 semester?


      Hi Celeste! If you are currently enrolled with FLVS Full Time, you can check with your counselor regarding course availability for next school year!

  7. Olga Kovalev

    Can I take driving Ed with you?
    French III ? in the middle school? took I and II already.
    I’m all A student.
    If I took PreAlgebra in 7th Grade, will you place me in Algebra?


      Hi Olga – Yes, high school students can take Driver’s Education and Algebra through FLVS Flex and FLVS Full Time but we do not yet offer French 3.

  8. Brooke Metcalfe

    Hey! Do you guys plan on having a Portuguese class anytime soon or any medical classes? I am really interested in learning


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