Online Elementary Spanish, Technology, and More

FLVS Elementary School includes a robust collection of core and special courses that have been designed with young learners in mind. Special courses allow students to explore interests and prepare for a successful future in an engaging educational online environment. These elective course options include Art, Spanish, Physical Education, and Technology which help students in grades Kindergarten-5 express their creativity, explore a foreign language, learn healthy habits, and learn how to navigate the ever-growing virtual world!  

In these courses, students will embark on a variety of virtual adventures to learn about the world around them, mastering concepts through engaging lessons and interactive learning tools. Students will find an abundance of online and printable activities, worksheets, and resources throughout each course to practice their knowledge and skills. 

Special Courses 

  • Art 
  • Spanish 
  • Technology 
  • Physical Education (PE) 

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Learn more about core online elementary subjects, including English Language Arts (ELA), Social Studies, Science, and Mathematics. 

In each course, students are supported by our certified teachers. In class time students learn concepts, interact with classmates, and have an opportunity to ask questions in real time! Teachers are also available throughout the day to provide one-on-one instruction and answer any questions students and parents may have.  

Our specials also help students progress in core subject areas with cross-curricular applications in Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Mathematics. Elementary students develop essential skills, including communication, problem-solving, critical thinking, and more! 

Learn more about each of the special courses FLVS has to offer below. 

Special Courses 


Elementary Art encourages students in every lesson to feel confident in their own creativity and expression. Using the Elements of Art and Principles of Design, students will learn real art techniques through modeling and connect them to master artists. Students will develop their observational skills as they learn how to critique art while making cultural connections with works from around the world. 

In Grade 2 Art, students explore primary and secondary colors through interactivities!


Elementary Spanish introduces students to both the Spanish culture and language. Each lesson is taught through diverse stories that give students the opportunity to see and hear Spanish in an authentic and fun context. Activities include hearing, speaking, reading, writing, and recording the language to reinforce learning. 

Course Progression: FLVS offers a total of six online elementary Spanish courses, allowing students to progress through distinct levels – starting with Introductory Spanish and continuing through Levels 1-5. Students will be introduced to Spanish letters, pronunciation, and vocabulary. In more advanced levels, they will develop their grammar and writing skills.  After a pretest and discussion with the teacher, students may advance to a higher level if they already have an existing level of Spanish proficiency. 

In Grade 4 Spanish, students strengthen their Spanish Language skills through listening, reading, writing, and speaking activities.


Students taking our Elementary Technology courses will learn basic computer science skills, keyboarding, programming, and coding. Each of these skills is taught alongside meaningful technology topics such as tech safety, digital citizenship, bullying/cyberbullying, adaptive technology, social media, and robotics. 

Students strengthen their Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint skills in Grade 5 Technology. 

Physical Education (PE) 

Students will be jumping, dancing, swimming, throwing, catching, kicking, tumbling, and more in our elementary PE courses! Students will learn about healthy lifestyle habits, teamwork, sportsmanship, goal setting, and strive for 60 minutes of daily activity. They’ll learn new skills to keep them moving with each grade level! 

Students learn how to build healthy dietary and fitness habits in Kindergarten Physical Education!

Florida Virtual School provides online elementary options to Florida and out-of-state families. 

Learn how your school or district can incorporate online learning into your elementary program with FlexPoint Education Cloud.  

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