Redefining the Three Rs

Relax and RechargeRelax, Refocus, and Recharge

Not long ago, I came across an online article 16 Signs You’re a Little (or a lot) Type A. The title is a bit of a contradiction because you are really not “Type A” but, as the article points out, you might be in that “spectrum of behaviors or traits.”

Now, before we go any further, I encourage you to read the article to find out if you are a little, or a lot, Type A. (In full disclosure, I LIVE 13 out of the 16 signs!)

The good news is that being “this way” can help you stay on task or give you job security, since it’s believed many employers are looking for us! The bad news is that this term was coined by a doctor who studied a connection between a certain type (A) person and heart problems. Yikes!

So this brings me to our need for the three Rs.

I don’t mean what’s defined by many as education basics—Reading, wRiting, and aRithmetic—I mean the three Rs that are going to help you be ready for next school year. To do that, it’s critical to redefine the three Rs and learn (or re-learn) how to Relax, Refocus, and Recharge.

Since summer officially starts on June 20, it’s a great time to practice! Here are some scientifically-proven ways to incorporate these Rs into your life right now. So take a deep breath and…


Really! Breathe deeply. Breathing exercises help reduce stress and tension, actually calming our bodies down.

Disconnect. As important as our laptops are, uninterrupted use of computers is connected with stress, lack of sleep, and even depression, especially in women. So try to…


Go for a walk outside. Even a quick one can help you press a reset button and provide a change of scenery and new perspective. Did you know that finding some green space actually puts your body into a state of meditation?

Laugh! Find a silly photo and relive a funny moment or view a viral video that’s guaranteed to make you roll on the floor. It’s been said that laughter creates a rollercoaster effect that, besides helping you refocus, will help you…


Turn off your phone! And since Type As like to multi-task, turn off your phone completely while it and you are recharging. Just like the batteries of all the tools you use, every part of you (spiritual, emotional, physical) needs to recharge.

In my final letter to my first graders, I invited students to create their summer bucket lists.

Now I’m encouraging you to do the same! Write down a list of pleasurable experiences you’ve been postponing, new adventures you’ve wanted to encounter, or hobbies you’ve always wanted to try. Include in your bucket list different ways to Relax, Refocus, and Recharge.

What better way to get ready for next year?


20 Scientifically-Based Ways to De-Stress Right Now

Post by: Nancy Jo Mannix, Former FLVS 1st Grade Teacher

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