Seniors Receive Scholarships from FLVS Foundation

The FLVS Foundation, Inc., the philanthropic arm of Florida Virtual School (FLVS), provided $2,000 in donor-sponsored scholarships to three graduating seniors of the Class of 2020. The FLVS Foundation is proud to recognize FLVS Full Time student Dana Hooley recipient of the College Smart Start Scholarship and FLVS Full Time student Maya Washburn and FLVS Flex student Mikayla William recipients of the Simon T. Baily Brilliant Club Fellow Scholarships.

The FLVS Foundation’s $1,000 College Smart Start Scholarship program honors an FLVS Full Time graduating senior aspiring to go on to college.  Over the past three years, the FLVS Foundation has awarded scholarships to students who have pushed through adversities and challenges, while also maintaining good grades and demonstrating determination, courage, resilience, and good character. 

Dana Hooley, Cumberland University

Dana Hooley was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2016. She shared, “I began to miss school more often and my grades began dropping. Finding FLVS saved my academic performance. Taking control of my learning environment helped me conquer aspects of my social anxiety. I connected with teachers and peers more than ever before. FLVS helped me gain back my confidence in learning.”

Dana, who was enrolled with FLVS Full Time for two years, will continue her education by attending Cumberland University in Lebanon, TN where she plans on majoring in Psychology with a focus on Criminology.

The Simon T. Bailey Brilliant Club Fellow scholarship recognizes the accomplishments and dedication of a college bound student who has excelled as an FLVS club member. This scholarship was established last year by Mr. Simon T. Bailey, international thought leader and author. Mr. Bailey has generously provided two $500 scholarships again this year to express his commitment to honoring club memberships because that is where he discovered his talents as an orator, strategist, and critical thinker. The scholarship comes with a special Brilliance in a Box gift.

Maya Washburn, Florida International University

Maya Washburn chose FLVS Full Time after being bullied in elementary and middle school. She said, “Little did I know that FLVS would become a place of refuge for me, a place where I could freely use my hunger for knowledge to learn and explore new ideas each day and connect with my peers, teachers, and school administration that were cheering me on as I discovered new facets of myself and my passions.

FLVS has not only helped my educational journey, but has developed and reformed it so thoroughly that I believe that I would never truly discover my passions for journalism, justice, and my talents and sincere love of learning without the constant support of the FLVS community and academic structure throughout my years in high school.”  Maya served in leadership positions in five FLVS clubs. She shared, “I am incredibly grateful for what these opportunities have given me throughout my time at FLVS and I will use the skills learned in each of these roles throughout the rest of my personal and professional life.”  

Maya, an FLVS Full Time student for four years, will be attending the Florida International University Honors College in Miami, FL to pursue a degree in Political Science with a minor in Journalism, and then plans to attend law school to earn her Juris Doctorate Degree.  

Mikayla William, University of South Florida

Mikayla William suffered from undiagnosable migraines and could not focus in school. She shared, “FLVS was with me through my recovery period and allowed the ease of instruction any time of the day. Since my migraines were usually during the day, FLVS allowed me to work at night and not fall behind on my schoolwork. Without FLVS, I would probably be three years behind in school.” Mikayla participated in four FLVS clubs.

An FLVS Flex student for four years, Mikayla plans to attend the University of South Florida in Tampa, FL to study Global Public Health with a minor in Women’s Health and HIV and AIDS. She then plans to get her medical degree to help care for and educate people in third-world countries.

Congratulations Dana, Maya, and Mikayla!

Thank you to the FLVS Foundation and the donors who helped make these scholarships possible.

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