Cows, Hens, and Ducks…OH MY!

By on April 7th, 2014

children's booksThe Importance of Children’s Picture Books in KindergartenGrade 12

“Once upon a time…”

I always get chills when I read these first few words contained in many children’s books. The words bring me back to a simpler time when reading was filled with colorful illustrations, playful words, and the promise of happily ever after. Continue reading

Giving Yourself a Helping Hand

By on March 17th, 2014

I’m not really good at math. Once I understand the general concept, I’m completely fine, but whew…sometimes it takes me a little while to get there. This is definitely an area in my life where I continually have to battle problems and find solutions (literally). At times I find that I really don’t “get” something, so I keep re-reading the same information. Then I go over it again and again. Sometimes I just find that the explanation still doesn’t click with me or with my learning style. At times like these, I find that I essentially have two options: I can keep going over the information in the hopes that it finally clicks, or I can ask for a little help.

As a teenager, my first reaction to asking someone for help is often “Nah, I’ll take care of it.” Sometimes, that’s fine; we shouldn’t depend on others to solve our problems for us all the time (plus, it’s human to fail; we can’t overreact every time an obstacle pops up and blocks our path). Continue reading

Finding Connection in a Virtual World

By on February 19th, 2014

flvs globalAs published in The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

Students, like all people, want to feel valued and cared about. They crave connection, understanding, and desire relationships that make them feel positive about themselves. Finding acceptance and encouragement at school can often be difficult, but at FLVS Global School, students have the opportunity to not only navigate their education, but to establish great connections as well.

FLVS Global School is an established leader in developing and providing online and blended education solutions to students in grades 6-12 worldwide. It was created during the 2000 Florida State Legislative session as the national and international arm of Florida Virtual School, the first statewide, Internet-based public high school in the United States. Continue reading

Home Education

By on April 18th, 2013

Home Education
The term “homeschooling” continues to raise the eyebrows or evoke comments of skepticism from the mainstream. Even though homeschooling has been in practice since the 18th century, for some it still feels novel and new.

As we look at the evolution of homeschooling, we find that some of our most accomplished athletes, artists, entrepreneurs, and leaders were homeschooled. The list may surprise you. Continue reading