Teach Me With Minecraft: Contest Winners

minecraftThe votes are in!

We are so excited to announce the winners for our “Teach Me With Minecraft” competition. Our goal was to learn more about what can be taught from games like Minecraft and how we can use similar interactive elements in our FLVS courses.

We had hundreds of amazing submissions and have learned so much from your Minecraft builds!

Congratulations to all the winners, and to everyone who submitted a build…YOU ROCK!

Check out our winning submissions below!

Most Unique

Presidential Time Machine, William Chan, 10

The Presidential Time Machine was truly one of the most unique projects we saw during this competition. Here, William has brought history alive by allowing you to visit various presidents by recreating their image in Minecraft, paired with important facts about each of them. He has also incorporated interactive elements that make the experience fun and engaging. Awesome job!


Most Creative

Grand Canyon Erosion, Stephanie Geber, 11

We loved Stephanie’s build of the Grand Canyon showing the effects of erosion. The progressive stages or erosion in three parts, as well as the change in elements (color, shape, and material) really showed great instruction. We thought she captured the teaching element in a creative and inventive way.

grand canyon


Most Complex

Interactive World Map, Sam Adams, 16

Sam’s Interactive World Map definitely incorporated many elements of instruction that were both interesting and effective. The overall idea was complex, but without overcomplicating the instruction. This immersive Minecraft world allowed visitors to both see and experience the culture of various world locations. Sam’s incorporation of local foliage, architecture, historical facts and several other elements for each map location showed great detail and complexity in his build.

Most Complexhttp://flvsminecraft.tumblr.com/post/91980585825/name-sam-adams-mc-account-miner-bro-age-16

Best Instruction

Sustainable Agriculture, Peter Dranishnikov, 15

Peter’s Sustainable Agriculture submission blew the judges away. This submission was an amazing example of comprehensive instruction. The level of detail in his description and visuals really allowed us to understand sustainable agriculture in a way none of us had before. Make sure and click the link to his submission to see more pictures and details!

sustainable agriculturehttp://flvsminecraft.tumblr.com/post/91064945220/sustainable-agriculture

Grand Minecraft Master

Red Stone Calculator, Simran Wadhwa, 13

For the Grand Minecraft Master award, we were looking for a build that not only showed mastery of instruction, but also incorporated all of the elements we were looking for: creativity, unique-ness and complexity. Simran’s functional Red Stone Calculator was a phenomenal build that really showed mastery of Minecraft as a teaching tool. Amazing.


FLVS Spirit

Perspective Illusion, Anthony Nieves, 17

We added the FLVS Spirit award to recognize submissions that incorporated “FLVS” into their builds in a creative and interesting way. This is could be a rather challenging concept to understand, but Anthony’s creation was simple and effective. From the dramatic music to the well-timed reveal, we loved how creatively this concept was taught. We could definitely see this being used in an FLVS course, which adds to its merits as having the most FLVS Spirit.


Honorable Mentions

We wanted to highlight some other awesome submissions we received with some honorable mentions. The following showed mastery in using Minecraft as a teaching tool. We had so many amazing submissions, so make sure and browse through the rest of the posts and take a look!

Minecraft Solar Eclipse, Terrance Thomas

solar eclipsehttp://flvsminecraft.tumblr.com/post/89963144270/mincraft-solar-eclipse

Periodic Table, Courtney Ring, 14


MC Greenhouse, Kassidy, 14, Jordan, 9


Thank you to all of our participants!

Post by: Michelle Nguyen, Engagement Writer

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