The Mindset That Sets Us Apart

At one time or another, most people have probably worked for an organization that talked a big game about company culture, but the actions and attitudes never lived up to the words. Unlike those purveyors of empty promises, Florida Virtual School (FLVS) does more than just talk about our values; we live them and rely on them to be the foundation of everything we do. 

Our Commitment 

The student is at the center of every decision we make. 

While FLVS is now a part of so many lives throughout the U.S. and beyond, we haven’t forgotten the commitment that got us here. By keeping the student at the center of every decision we make, we ensure that every time we come to a fork in the road, we’re choosing the path that is best for the families we serve. For the students who trust us. And for the school districts who look to us for guidance. 


To lead online education worldwide with transformative digital solutions—personalized to every student. 

We know that each student is an individual with his or her own unique learning needs, so we don’t try to fit them into pre-designed boxes. Instead, we use interactive digital content and one-on-one teacher/student interactions to help students grow and learn on their own time and their own way. We don’t simply follow the status quo. We create it! 


To deliver high-quality digital learning on a robust online platform to achieve content mastery for student success. 

Our team is never stagnant. We are constantly moving and innovating new ways to improve the student learning experience. With the versatility of our instruction and the continuous analysis and improvement of our learning system, we’re able to consistently deliver high-quality digital learning that supports student growth and learning. 


  • Excellence – Deliver the best. Always. 
  • Innovation – Lead transformative learning. 
  • Community – Build meaningful connections. 
  • Balance – Embrace flexibility. 
  • Communication – Listen, share, and collaborate openly. 

Like we said, our values are the foundation for everything that is “Florida Virtual School.” They define our culture, guide our daily activities, and show the students we serve how much we care about their current and future success. These values are sort of like tools. Tools that we use to create and implement all of the promises that we make: high-quality digital learning, personalized support and instruction for each student, and a positive culture that can be felt in every interaction. 

Florida Virtual SchoolFlorida Virtual School (FLVS) has been leading the way in Kindergarten-12 online education for 25 years. FLVS provides a robust, award-winning curriculum to public, private, charter, and homeschool families and school districts nationwide. Learn more at

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