Advance to American Sign Language 2 Online with FLVS

Students can now enroll in American Sign Language (ASL) 2 with Florida Virtual School (FLVS)! 

Last year FLVS announced the highly anticipated American Sign Language 1 course as its newest addition to the selection of World Language courses for high school students. The success of ASL 1 sparked countless requests for American Sign Language 2 from FLVS students and parents. We are pleased to announce that students can continue their ASL journey in American Sign Language 2! 

Develop Your Communication Skills 

In this course, students will build on the fundamental skills acquired in American Sign Language 1 through various media galleries, videos, and tools. Students will use video components to practice their interpretive and communication skills. Since American Sign Language is a visual language, students will also complete assessments with teachers through video communication.  

A behind-the-scenes look at the video shoot for American Sign Language 2.

Explore Deaf Culture 

In American Sign Language 1, students discovered how language and culture are intertwined. In ASL 2, students will further broaden their concept of communication by building connections to their own culture and community. 

Actors performing ASL for course videos featured in the new American Sign Language 2 course.

American Sign Language 2 is a full-credit elective that also counts as a World Language course for high school students. Students must complete American Sign Language 1 prior to enrolling in American Sign Language 2.  

Are you ready to take your ASL to the next level? Enroll today! 

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