What’s New: Meteorology Honors

Weather can seem unpredictable, but with historic data and powerful technology, professionals are able to provide daily forecasts and severe weather updates to people around the world within minutes. These updates may come in handy when scheduling your next beach day or picnic, but they are also crucial for professionals in industries like transportation, construction, and agriculture when making decisions about future and daily operations.

Now high school students can learn about Earth’s climate and weather in Meteorology Honors, one of the newest online science courses offered by Florida Virtual School (FLVS).

Discover Earth’s Weather Systems

Developed in partnership with WeatherSTEM, Meteorology Honors challenges students in grades 9-12 to understand the complex physical and chemical processes that affect weather. In this course, students study Earth’s climate with real-world data and applications, analyze forecasts, and explore severe weather occurrences. Students will be able to recognize weather conditions using radar and satellite technologies and develop the skills needed to track movement and predict future events.

Changes in Weather and Climate

Throughout the course, students will gain a historic perspective of climate change over time by examining periods in Earth’s history, such as the Little Ice Age and Ice Age, to learn how weather and climate have impacted the Earth over thousands of years. Students will also study meteorological topics such as water cycles, carbon cycles, and Milankovitch cycles, to learn the long-term impact of weather and climate changes on oceans, agriculture, and more.

After completing this course, students will have gained a fundamental understanding of Earth’s processes, in addition to analytical, forecasting, and reporting skills used by meteorology professionals today.

FLVS has several new courses for high school students to explore their interests. Tell us what you’re planning to take in the comments and enroll in Meteorology Honors today!

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16 comments on “What’s New: Meteorology Honors

  1. Karen Schleenbaker

    Will this class be offered as the Flex FLVS for students that are attending local brick and mortar and need the virtual class requirement for graduation?

  2. Lauossie Nicoleau

    The other courses have estimated completion times, but for this course there is no estimated time. About how long would is it?

  3. Brian Garzi

    Is Meteorology an elective or science elective? I need my science elective graduation requirement, so I was just wondering if Meteorology could fulfill that graduation requirement.

  4. Asenet Ugarte

    Hi, I’m currently a student in a public school in Florida. I’m wondering if I can just take one class online (this meteorology class) while still attending public school. Is that possible?

  5. Gabriella Larson

    I am considering taking this class next semester. Realistically, would I be able to complete this course in only one semester?

    1. Elizabeth JonesElizabeth Jones

      Hi Gabriella, This is a full-credit course that typically takes 32-36 weeks to complete, but students can progress at a faster pace with FLVS Flex if they would like.


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