Unlock Your Creativity with FLVS Courses & Clubs 

Feeling inspired? With dozens of creative online electives and clubs to choose from at Florida Virtual School, you can customize your education by exploring topics that truly move you. No matter your age or skill level, there are countless opportunities to explore your artistic side!   

Online Elementary Clubs

Is your child an artist in the making? 

In Elementary Art, kindergarten through 5th grade students develop beginner techniques and styles while exploring famous works of master artists Vincent van Gogh, Andy Warhol, Salvador Dalí, and more. 

But the fun doesn’t stop there! Students can join one or more of our creative clubs to meet other young artists outside of the classroom.   

  • Art Club (K-2)  
  • Art Club (3-5)  
  • Photography Club (3-5)  

Did you know? Children who explore art experience boosts in creativity, strengthen fine motor skills, and make connections between themselves and the world around them.  

Online Middle & High School Clubs

This year, we added two new art courses for middle school students in grades 6-8.  

Study famous works of art, explore artistic tools and techniques, and create masterpieces of your own in M/J Visual Art 1 and M/J Visual Art 2. Did we mention—you get to choose your own supplies and art mediums? Enroll now to express yourself through drawings, paintings, and more!  

You can also choose from a list of other creative FLVS courses for middle and junior high students:  

  • M/J Creative Photography (6-8)  
  • M/J Exploring 3-D Art (Full Time 6-8)  
  • M/J Exploring 2-D Art (Full Time 6-8)  

Did you know? Artistic expression can help reduce stress and increase self-confidence and happiness.  

Looking to take your art to even greater heights? Study professional photography and artwork from around the world in Creative Photography 1, Art History and Criticism 1, and AP Art History. These courses are open to high school students who are ready to put their knowledge and skills to the test!  

The connections you make are as important as the courses you take. Check out all the creative clubs FLVS offers and share your ideas with other passionate artists outside of the classroom:   

  • Fine Arts Club (6-12)  
  • FLVS Flex Yearbook Club (6-12)  
  • FLVS Full Time Yearbook Club (6-12)  
  • VIRGE Literacy Magazine (6-12)  

Ready to explore your creative side? See all our exciting class offerings and enroll at flvs.net/online-school-options. And get started with student clubs at flvs.net/clubs.  

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      Hi Paula! Join us for Club Rush on Friday, August 27, 2021 at 11:00 AM EST or visit flvs.net/clubs to learn more about all of our clubs. 🙂

      1. Emma Elwood

        Do I receive credits with those electives like with other classes? What I mean is, are they classes or clubs? Also, are they one segment or two each?

          1. FLVSFLVS

            Hi Lily. We do not currently offer Fine Arts but middle school students can take M/J Visual Art 1 and M/J Visual Art 2. Both of these courses are half-credit electives. 🙂


      Hi Melissa, Yes! Clubs are open to FLVS Flex students as well. You can see a list of all of our clubs by grade and program at flvs.net/clubs

  1. Ryleigh Thompson

    Do the parents have to sign the teenager to be in the club? Can hope students in flvs virtual school join a club them selves?


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