Unplug and Chill

Have you unplugged today? I mean really unplugged and walked away?

It is no secret that chronic stress will make you physically ill. As teachers, we are natural givers and put other’s needs in front of our own. We must remember to take time for ourselves. All of the work will be there when we get back. And when we return after our “me-time,” we will be equipped to engage our students with sheer awesomeness!

If you’re looking for some respite, make a schedule for yourself and force a “me-time” break. It will help to find a friend or colleague to keep you honest. (I know it can be hard to walk away sometimes.) You can do it!

My most amazing schoolhouse has taken this on as a collective goal under the direction of our fearless leader Marie Mitchell. I can honestly say that it has brightened my day! We are all feeling so happy and might I say much more productive too. We impact the lives of countless individuals…we are amazing people!

Don’t forget how fantastic you are! Now make a positive impact on yourself. When you are healthy and happy, you will be better at everything you do!

Try it, schedule the time on your calendar and get up and walk away for a few minutes. Take the time to replenish your spirit. You are worth it!

What does “me-time” mean for you?
Maybe it’s taking some time to…
1. Phone a friend for some laughs.
2. Give your pet some love.
3. Exercise – Get up and move!

4. Schedule that check-up that you’re late on.

5. Meditate – Breath deep and clear your mind.
6. Hug someone and get a hug back.
7. Tend to your garden.
8. Get up and dance to your favorite song and sing loudly!
9. Set goals and reflect on your successes and areas for improvement.
10. Clean something.
11. Pick up your favorite hobby for a moment.

When you are happy, you are smiling. When you are smiling you are encouraging and exciting! As teachers, this comes out in our teaching style and overall well-being. You will be better at everything you do if you take a break!

We are important to many people in our lives and it is imperative that we take care of ourselves. And, please remember, when your work day is done, it is done!

Every day is a gift – treat it as such!

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Elise HarrisElise Harris, FLVS 2015 Teacher of the Year, joined FLVS in 2008. As a middle school Social Studies teacher, she enjoys creating innovative and unconventional opportunities for student success and believes firmly that every student deserves the right to learn in their own way.

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