Ways for Online Elementary Students to Stay Active

As children are being educated at home, there are many changes in their daily routines – and ours, as parents. We find ourselves being the professionals and spending a lot of time supporting our children with academics and keeping them active, busy, and happy. This is quite a bit to juggle and it can be hard to keep all those balls in the air!  

One thing that our children may be missing out on while learning at home is regular physical activity and possibly a formal physical education curriculum. This need not be the case with FLVS!

Children are accustomed to having freedom to run and play at recess and many are involved in extracurricular sports and athletics. With limited ability for interaction outside due to the pandemic, many of our children are missing out on those outlets for physical activity that used to be part of each day. We can see the adverse effects on our children missing that free time on the playground or camaraderie with their sports teams. 

Get your children active outside of class with the following tips.

Activities Outside of Class

1. Take regular activity breaks during the day.

Our FLVS teachers do a wonderful job of directing brain breaks during live instruction. They offer opportunities for students to get up and move around and shake out the wiggles.

2. Provide time each day to allow your children to go outside.

Play in the yard, do sprints, or just let them feel some nice sunshine!  

3. Schedule structured physical education time.

Ask your children what kinds of physical activity they would like to do or what sports skills they might like to learn. From there, schedule daily P.E. time outside that helps to further your children’s skill sets and allows them some free practice time.  

4. Give yourself permission to step away from your work and from supporting your child’s learning.

Go for a walk, play tag, or play some fun games outside.  

Activities During Study Time

For our elementary students, activities during Class Time and our Physical Education courses help increase physical activity on a daily basis with fun lessons and strategies that get your children thinking AND doing. 

In our P.E. courses, students learn about flexibility, strength, and cardiovascular exercise through interactive lessons and fitness assessments. 

We’ve also seen families get creative with their computer workspaces to encourage physical activity, including stationary bikes, bouncy chairs, and standing mats or balance boards. Take this opportunity to try something new!

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Post by Christy Cleugh, FlexPoint Education Cloud Digital Education Consultant

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