Where FLVS Students See Themselves in 20 Years

FLVS has certainly grown since we first opened our virtual doors in 1997. We’ve come a long way over the years, and so have our students!

During our recent photo contest, students told us how they have grown thanks to FLVS and where they see themselves in the future. Last month, we shared our three contest winners, but there were so many amazing entries that we had to include a few honorable mentions…

Riana K.

“After leaving my physical high school halfway through Sophomore year, I was nervous to attend Florida Virtual School for the rest of my academic career. I’m a 12th grade Senior now and I definitely know that placing myself in FLVS was and still is the best decision I’ve ever made for myself. Between traveling to places like New York, Los Angeles, Nashville and even out of the country, sometimes up to 2 months at a time, there’s no way I would be able to participate in a regular high school schedule, but FLVS has made it possible with its extreme care and flexibility.

FLVS is truly one of the sole reasons I gained enough courage to feel confident in my music and art and eventually led to me landing a major record deal with Atlantic Records and a publishing deal with SONGS Music Publishing. With the help of FLVS I am able to spend 12+ hours a day working with other cowriters, producers and engineers writing my own music, singing, performing and preparing myself for the release of my very first pop album. Singing and performing has been my passion as long as I’ve been alive, and I can’t thank enough all the instructors, teachers and students that are apart of FLVS for letting me take control of my career, understanding my situation and allowing me to live my dream every single day. It’s one of the most amazing things to know that I can pursue my passion while still having an incredible education. In 20 years, I hope to have already won a Grammy, possible Oscar, multiple platinum-albums, but most importantly touching the hearts of millions of people across the world with my music because that’s what music is made for. One day, I can only dream of being as big and respected as my music legends, Freddie Mercury, Lady Gaga and Lorde.”

Deziree S.

“Without FLVS, I would not see my way to getting my high school years finished. For three years, I was getting sick every other month, and it was becoming a way of life that I had to keep doing catch up work. This was able to be done until last October when I got sick for the second time since school started back in August.

We decided on signing me up with FLVS. This was the best decision of my life. Granted, it took me a few months to work out the kinks and figure out how it all worked. But without it, I would have never discovered my passion for space. I was always intrigued by it, but it never went anywhere until I had the time to research. One day, I’ll be a famous author, and/or a cosmologist because FLVS opened doors I never knew existed.”

Camden M.

“I see myself in 20 years programing, learning new skills every day, and doing DIY projects (especially home automation). For example, in the photo I am connecting a relay switch to a raspberry pi (a mini computer). The pi is running special software I created, so I can control my house using Siri the voice assistant.

FLVS has helped me learn coding skills, especially with python after taking a class on it; I am also taking a class on web design that helps me create interfaces for the home system that I am going to create 20 years from now.”

Melissa B.

“FLVS has shaped me by helping me stay on track for graduation and allowing me to graduate high school early to allow me to pursue a career in the military. I’ve already enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and I’m currently a straight A student and actively participate in extracurricular activities such as JROTC and a Criminal Justice Academy program.

In 20 years, I see myself continuously working in the armed services and serving my country. Thanks to my parents who moved here from Guatemala so I have the freedom and education they didn’t have and to FLVS for providing me with an education that suits myself and the other students in Florida, I’m striving to complete my goals and excel in life.”

Julia D.

“Many people are shocked when I tell them I attend school virtually. I have to say, I love that response, because it gives me an opportunity to tell them how much I love attending a school that allows me to live a life of adventure. Not only am I able to full-time travel across the United States and discover different landscapes, ways of life, and the beautiful, diverse history of our country, but I’m able to do it while taking rigorous and knowledge-expanding courses that I know are helping to set up my future for success. Since starting FLVS, I finally feel like I have a say in my education and I love that I get to create my own schedule catered to how I learn best.

My schooling is no longer limited to the four-walls of a classroom, but I’m able to shape my education around the amazing experiences I get to encounter every day. While I’m not exactly sure where I’ll be in 20 years, I know that the experiences and education I am receiving today are shaping me into the person I will become. I have big dreams for the future that lies before me, and I’m so thankful to attend a school who is committed to growing me now in order to face the future ready for whatever life throws at me!”

Aiden R.

“In 20 years, I see myself being a productive citizen working with law enforcement! I will be so successful and productive due to FLVS’s great courses and awesome teachers! FLVS has been there for me when there is a class that I can’t take in school, or a class that i may need extra time to take (such as Hope and Geometry).”

Eldyonna C.

“FLVS has provided all the educational tools to satisfy my academic achievements while providing great flexibility to enhance my detective aspirations. I see myself as an FBI agent 20 years from now.”

Joshua G.

“FLVS inspired me to spread my curious wings and explore new places, so I co-piloted an airplane! Soon, I will be a multilingual pilot that will soar and go to places I have never been to. I want to thank #FLVS for letting me learn a new language and making new friends along the way!”

Zach C.

“FLVS has given me the flexibility to get all the school work I need to done while giving me time to train for where I see myself in 20 years: a firefighter.”


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