Writing Clicks as a Means to Express Oneself

National Day on Writing - October 20I’m happy when I’m writing or thinking of ideas about what to write. I’ve been that way for as long as I can remember. How lucky I was to find this out about myself while still in school!

You see, after reading a poem I wrote, my second grade teacher, Mrs. Kast, said to me “Suzan, you’re a writer.”

I still remember those words of encouragement, although that is now thirty-something years ago. That praise not only boosted my spirit, it stuck with me my whole life. I began to create, theme, and express myself in many different styles of writing. My friends knew I would always carry paper and pen wherever I went, because you never know when creativity will strike!

But for some reason, as we get older it can get more difficult to create and express what we’re feeling; maybe it’s because we become more self-aware of our limitations and our vulnerability.

Moving from New York to Florida the summer of my 13th birthday was an incredibly difficult journey for my family and me. I was a rather shy adolescent and was teased about my New York accent. I stuck out at school like a love bug on a newly washed windshield. The best thing about that transition and school year was that I was able to take Journalism as an elective in eighth grade.

Something inside of me clicked “on” when I had to approach people to interview and write a story for our school newspaper. I had this desire to know more and found people very willing to speak with me. This awkward girl who didn’t quite fit in had found her niche. I even went on to become the editor of my high school newspaper.

Florida Virtual School offers that same invaluable experience, not only with a Journalism course, but with News in a Click (NIAC), the award-winning online student newspaper created and published completely by FLVS students.

NIAC students brainstorm article ideas, write, edit, and create content.

I’ve only recently become aware of the National Day on Writing, observed every year on October 20th. This day draws attention to the remarkable variety and role writing plays in our everyday life.

Help support the rights of students to write and express themselves. Your encouragement and affirmation could make an immeasurable difference in their lives.

I know it helped shape me into the woman and writer I am today.

This is one of several posts celebrating Connected Educator Month. October 20th is National Day on Writing and we are joining The National Council of Teachers of English to celebrate how writing helps us connect. Join the #WhyIWrite discussion on Twitter to share your thoughts!

Post by Suzan Kurdak, former FLVS Communications Specialist

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