Holiday Health Tips from FLVS Students

holiday healthAs our students, parents, educators, and staff prepare for Winter Break, we are excited to feature two articles from our student newspaper, News in a Click, about staying healthy over the holidays.

Thank you to student writers Meera Radhakrishnan and Cristi McKee for sharing these exercise tips and winter superfood suggestions!  Continue reading

Battling the Holiday Blues

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” “Joy to the world!” and “Tis the season to be jolly” …

These popular holiday song lyrics explain how we all feel during the holiday season, right? Not so.

For many the holidays can be filled with anxiety, sadness, and loneliness.  There are a variety of reasons why people may feel the holiday blues.

Whatever the reason may be, there are ways to help plan ahead and get through the holiday season. Continue reading

Some Things Never Change

Campus 2 coverWe have all heard that old adage “FLVS is a change organization.”

We have learned to become nimble.  Change management is our mantra. Don’t stand still.  To that end, we spend a lot of energy and brain power on changing our models and practices in instruction to meet the needs of our students and external customers.  It’s an exciting world to live in, one where your comfort zone is “always changing.”

I was reminded on a whirlwind tour of North and Central Florida earlier this month though of one thing:  some things never change.  As we traveled to private schools, public schools, and homeschools that had many types of blended learning models functioning within their walls, I was instantly rejuvenated by the experience.  Continue reading

My Holiday Wish

holiday wish cover
My holiday wish this year is for all of you to be healthy, safe, and most of all, happy.  Recently, I posted the following status on my Facebook page as a call to action for my network:

“Private message me if you or someone you know needs something this holiday season… someone to talk to, gifts for children, hope, holiday decorations, pies for the office Christmas party, money for the electric bill, career advice, whatever.  Instead of contributing to a charity in our typical fashion, this year my husband and I have decided that we would like to contribute to you.” Continue reading

On the Go with Mobile Apps from FLVS

mobile apps cover
Have you ever stopped and thought about the wide variety of products, resources, and learning opportunities available at Florida Virtual School?  As an FLVS student, I appreciate that FLVS and its teachers offer many different paths and methods for learning.  Two recent additions to the offerings at FLVS are the mobile apps Solar Skate and Cave Bro.

In the game Solar Skate, you navigate through a skating course, solving math puzzle challenges as you skate away.  You skateboard after an alien bully in the game named Noswad, who has taken Zach and wrecked the skate course.  You can have fun in this game while practicing a few math skills on the side.

Another new adventure at Florida Virtual School is Cave Bro.

Continue reading

That Really Overused Word: BLENDED

Campus cover
In the education circle, it’s everywhere: Blended Learning.

Well, maybe not the actual practice, but the thought behind blending our classrooms.

And for good reason, as Clayton Christensen, author of Disrupting Class, points out, “We stand at the vanguard of a shift in education.”

Working for FLVS, I know firsthand that it’s the most cutting-edge online educational enterprise in the business. Compared to the standard brick-and-mortar classroom, it’s a rocket ship sitting next to a lineup of massive (and comfortable) 747 airplanes. Continue reading

Meet FLVS Student Samantha Morris

samantha morrisFLVS students are quite amazing, as we all know, but some of them absolutely excel in multiple areas. Samantha Morris, FLVS veteran, is a superstar journalist, scientist, researcher, and leader.

Looking at Samantha’s impressive resume will easily exhaust anyone. She has achieved awards for her academic talents, writing, and interest in science. Samantha was recently named an AP Scholar with Distinction by the College Board and was named a National Gold Key Winner by the Quill and Scroll International Journalism Honor Society for her opinion writing.

At FLVS, she was named “2013 Student of the Year” and “2014 Shining Star.” Continue reading

“Clash Man” Becomes a Leader

leadership blogI sometimes wonder if my three years in middle school were harder than my three years in a refugee camp.

On the fashion front, I wore the same shirt to school three times a week and earned the name “Clash Man.”  In 8th grade, I got kicked off my basketball team and my family was forced to move into low-income housing. At my new school, I got my first D in math, and Cs in some of my other classes.

If you would have asked me if I was a leader, I would have laughed. I was trying to survive each day of school and hoping that life would get better.

Life did get better, but not because I got better housing or a new wardrobe. Continue reading

Increase your Student’s Success in School

udemy course

Take a free course designed to help your student!

Just in time for Florida Parental Involvement in Education Month, Florida Virtual School is proud to announce a free course created just for parents! Secrets to Student Success Revealed is free on

We have taken research proven strategies from experienced educators and crafted a free course for parents and educators to learn these strategies in a quick and easy format. If you’d love to know how to motivate your child, talk to your child, advocate for your child, and even learn how your child’s brain works as well as steps you can take to improve his/her sleep, nutrition, and exercise, then Secrets to Student Success Revealed is for you. Continue reading

Give Thanks for Teachers

teacher thanksgiving coverSchool is out this week in celebration of Thanksgiving, which seems appropriate, because this year I am most thankful for teachers. If there is a teacher at your pilgrim celebration, please let them have the biggest drumstick, the last piece of pumpkin pie, or the preferred napping spot in front of the football game. This year, more than ever, they have earned it.

Education is in a cycle of dramatic change (thankfully) but in lieu of a better system, traditional schools are placing more burdens on classroom teachers. Administrators add accountability metrics, but take away autonomy. Districts add high stakes testing, but take away class time for teaching. States add new standards, demand new teaching methods, and require new paperwork, while reducing budgets, salaries, and benefits. Not exactly what most teachers signed up for.  Continue reading