Celebrating the 100th Day of School

My high school daughter asked me the other day if we could celebrate the 100th day of school. She complained that after 5th grade she no longer gets to celebrate that day at school. She recalled some great memories – like when they used to count to 100 with M&Ms or make a 100-link paper chain.

But who says only elementary students get to celebrate the 100th day of school? This is actually a great opportunity for teachers and homeschool parents to incorporate fun ideas across all grades and curriculum.

Don’t worry, we won’t give you 100 ideas. (Although I was very tempted!)

100 Days of School Celebration Ideas

Middle & High School

  1. In a class book, website, or Google doc, have students fill in: “If I had $100 I would…”
  2. Pass out 100 pieces of paper or have students compile a list on a website or Google doc giving 100 compliments to other students, friends, or teachers.
  3. Practice saying hello in 100 languages.
  4. Learn the capitals of 100 countries.
  5. Count to 100 in another language.
  6. Make a list of 100 heroes from history.
  7. Challenge students to complete a 100-piece puzzle and share a picture on social media.
  8. Make a list of 100 things we are thankful for.
  9. Have students complete the writing prompt, “I wish I had 100…”
  10. Challenge students to collect 100 food items or cans as a class and donate to their local food pantry.
  11. Using a world map, ZeeMap, or Google My Maps, have students mark places where the temperature can reach 100 degrees and above during a specific time of the year.
  12. Ask students to finish the sentence “100 years from now…”
  13. Have students estimate how long 100 inches and 100 feet are and explain how they did it.
  14. Have student make a list of 100 favorite places starting with where they live.
  15. Have students compile 100 recipes in a class book, website, or Google doc.
  16. Write a 100-word introduction to a continuous story. Have students add to it.
  17. Make a list of 100 things that did not exist 100 years ago.
  18. List 100 flavors of ice cream, have students choose a favorite, then go to an ice cream parlor and try it!
  19. Have students write the number 100 on a piece of paper or Google Draw pad and then turn it into a drawing. Display student’s finished masterpieces on the 100th.
  20. Learn about who the President of the United States was 100 years ago.
  21. See if students can jump rope 100 times.
  22. Make a list of 100 random acts of kindness students could practice this month.
  23. Challenge students to count backwards from 0 to 100.
  24. Find books that have the number 100 in the title.
  25. Challenge students to see how many words they can come up with the letters in “one hundred.”
  26. Have students create a timeline of their life and see if they can add 100 events.
  27. Challenge students to make a 100-Day-To-Do-List and complete it!
  28. Make a list of 100 things you want to accomplish in your lifetime.
  29. Have students design a newspaper frontpage with the headlines and stories they think will be in the front page 100 years from now.
  30. Challenge students to create their own 100-Day Challenge doing an activity of choice for 100 consecutive days. It can be an exercise, a sport, reading for an hour, learning a language, writing poetry, taking photographs of nature or your pet, you name it. Anything that may help you grow as a person is worth trying for 100 days!

Elementary School

Need 100th Day of School celebration ideas for elementary students? Check out this new video from Virtually Kindergarten on YouTube.

Just make sure that you have 100 percent fun!

Happy 100th Day of School FLVS!

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10 comments on “Celebrating the 100th Day of School

  1. Alexander

    I remember those good old day… tons of fun crafts for no reason, and having a 3 hour party in school where we all made up some funny and crazy story that we wrote that year… Lol!

    1. Rose Rodriguez

      Good old days is right Alexander, I used to teach in elementary school so we loved celebrations and this was the biggest of them all. I hope you try some of these suggestions so you don’t miss out 😉

    2. Valerie

      yeah those where the days,well I am still in school now but just in homeschooling I used to be in a regular school it was nice having friends, I still do and I keep in touch with them but not as much as I used too.

      1. Alexander

        yeah, same. I am doing homeschool as well, but now I just kind of focus on school and reading (I am really, extremely weird, my only hobby is reading!) and trying to get duel enrollment.


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