4 Reasons Why Families Choose FLVS

Every student learns differently and has their own unique interests, talents, and challenges, which is why school choice is so important. It allows students the option to learn in an environment that works best for them. 

As we celebrate National School Choice Week, we decided to ask our students and families why Florida Virtual School (FLVS) is the best choice for them. Many pointed to our award-winning online curriculum, flexibility, unparalleled teacher support, and the reassurance that they can learn in a safe environment.


With over 190 engaging online courses, we provide something for everyone – from core and electives to world languages, Advanced Placement (AP), Career and Technical Education (CTE), and more! For homeschool families interested in creating or complementing their K-12 home education curriculum with a variety of real-world learning opportunities, FLVS  offers a  selection of over 20 CTE courses and eight Programs of Study, allowing students to explore and prepare for  college and  career success. 

Here are just a few things our students said about our courses:

“[FLVS] has so many classes not offered in schools, like Intro to Teaching Professions.” ~ FLVS Student

“The ability to do classwork anywhere, and the high quality of the work make FLVS the best school ever!” ~ FLVS Student


Another reason why families choose FLVS is our flexible online learning environment. Enrollment is open year-round in our FLVS Flex option, allowing students to customize their individual courses to best fit their schedule and personal learning style. These courses involve live, teacher-led instruction, interactive activities, videos, and more. Many of our students love FLVS because the timing gives them the ability and freedom to explore their extracurricular passions. For example: 

“FLVS allows me to be flexible and pursue anything I want without school limiting me!” ~ FLVS Student

“We love FLVS and the freedom it gives our children to pursue their love of dance and theater.” ~ FLVS Parent


An exciting realization for many families once their student begins courses with FLVS is the level of one-on-one support and encouragement they receive from their teachers. Once placed in a course, a student will receive a phone call from their teacher, known as a “Welcome Call.” This allows teachers to introduce themselves and get to know the student/family, as well as set expectations for the course. 

Supportive teachers are always just a text or call away. And many of our families often express that they feel more connected with their FLVS teachers than traditional brick-and-mortar teachers, due to the frequency and depth of their interactions. Our teachers foster connections with their students and support them to achieve their educational goals. 

“The teachers are awesome! I love how nice and fun it is to go at my own pace.” ~ FLVS Student

“It’s the perfect balance of the education system. I recommend it to everyone I know.” ~  FLVS Parent

A Safe Environment

Safety comes in all forms here at FLVS. From giving students a space where they can feel authentically themselves without fear of being bullied, to supporting students who have illnesses, to providing mental health and counselor resources, and more, our goal is to offer learning opportunities that prepare students for the future in an environment they feel confident in.  

“[I chose FLVS] because I know my child is in a safe environment.” ~ FLVS Parent

“FLVS makes me feel safe because I’m in my home.” ~  FLVS Student

Interested in enrolling in online courses with Florida Virtual School? Learn more about our school options here. You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for updates on FLVS. Plus, for homeschool students, check out this infographic that highlights more reasons why FLVS is a great option for your family.

Katie HodginsKatie Hodgins joined the FLVS team as a Content and Public Relations Specialist. A military veteran and lifelong learner, Katie enjoys communicating unique and innovative stories about people, places, and opportunities to inspire and engage the next generation. Having traveled throughout the world, she is excited to plant roots here in Florida and with Florida Virtual School.

14 comments on “4 Reasons Why Families Choose FLVS

    1. Elizabeth JonesElizabeth Jones

      Hi Tina, Enrollment for Florida Virtual School full time for the fall semester opens in the summer. We encourage you to submit your application early as enrollment may take several weeks to complete. Learn more at flvs.net/full-time.

  1. Deborah Habersham

    Does the student remain in their current school and do this online for extra credits? I’m trying to get my grandson on track to graduate next year.

    1. Elizabeth JonesElizabeth Jones

      Hi Deborah, Students can take courses through FLVS Flex to supplement their current education plan. Visit flvs.net/flex to learn more.

  2. Nidhi Dave

    Hello, if i need to move my kid to a full time public school to a full time FLVS elementary school then what are my options?

    1. Elizabeth JonesElizabeth Jones

      Hi Nidhi, Full Time enrollment for the 2024-25 school year opens June 3, 2024. Students can also enroll in FLVS Flex year-round. Hope this helps!

  3. Juliet Gordon

    Hi my grand daughter recently moved from Broward County to Saint Lucie County, is it possible for her to complete the school year virtual?


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