8 Classes You Didn’t Know You Could Take at FLVS

Dive into the sea to explore the ocean’s biodiversity. Take flight and travel the world. Paint your way through mid-century Italy. Sound just like what your dreams are made of? Wake up and make them a reality with eight new courses at Florida Virtual School. Guaranteed to inspire your learning today. So you can change the world tomorrow.  

All our courses are tuition-free for Florida students and can help you meet your online course graduation requirement. Ready to expand your learning? Get started at flvs.net/whatsnew.  


1. Environmental Science Featuring Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation 

Available for grades 9-12  

Take a deep dive into the environmental challenges that impact our future, like land use, pollution, climate change, and loss of biodiversity—so you can learn how to take action and positively impact the environment.  

2. Cybersecurity Essentials 

Available for grades 9-12   

Defend the world against cyberattacks by learning defensive strategies for computer, mobile device, and network security. In our Cybersecurity Essentials course, you’ll get the skills you need to join one of the world’s fastest growing industries.  

3. Introduction to Hospitality & Tourism

Available for grades 9-12  

Pack your bags for a journey to your dream job! In this course, you’ll learn directly from industry professionals (including former Walt Disney World employees), plan a vacation to your destination of choice, and explore different travel segments within the “industry of fun.”  


4. M/J Visual Art 1 

Available for grades 6-8 

The world is your canvas, as this course encourages you to experiment on your own and explore a variety of art elements—including drawing, sculpting, painting, photography, and mixed media. Learn the techniques you need to bring your visions to life in this beginner level art course.  

5. M/J Visual Art 2 

Available for grades 6-8  

Ready to continue your artistic journey? Build on your creativity in M/J Visual Art 1, and experiment with your favorite mediums and techniques—while exploring artistic themes like identity, earth art, design art, pop art, and global art.  


6. Agricultural Communications 2 

Available for grades 9-12 

From GMOs to organic food labels—there is a lot of information, and misinformation, surrounding agriculture and where our food comes from. In this course, you’ll learn visual, verbal, and written techniques, and use Adobe Creative Cloud software, to communicate agricultural information in a moral, ethical, and engaging way.  

7. Hebrew 1  

Available for grades 9-12 

Grow your world and your mind as you explore the Modern Hebrew language and the richness of its diverse cultures. In this course, you will build basic language proficiency and cultural understanding by learning greetings and exploring traditions and other ways of life across cultures.  

8. Advanced Placement (AP) Capstone Diploma Program  

Available to FLVS Flex and FLVS Full Time students

Strengthen your college applications and develop strong research and writing skills for success in college and beyond with two new AP Capstone courses—AP Research and AP Seminar. These courses provide an opportunity to earn an AP Capstone Diploma™ or AP Seminar and Research Certificate™ from the College Board.  

Did you know several of our new courses are part of our Career and Technical Education offerings? With these courses, you can go beyond the classroom to explore your passions and shape your success. Plus, earn industry certifications and get the skills you need to change the world. Learn more at flvs.net/career-education-courses.  

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20 comments on “8 Classes You Didn’t Know You Could Take at FLVS

  1. Pam

    My daughter loves FLVS and you all do a fantastic job! My daughter is going into 11th grade and would love to see visual and graphic art electives for her level too.


      Hi Pam – We’re so glad to hear! Although we do not currently offer Visual Art 1 or 2 for students in grades 9-12, she may enjoy one of our other creative high school courses: Creative Photography 1, Art History & Criticism 1, or AP Art History

    2. Gretchen

      I agree. For our very artistic daughter, it would be great to have a digital media or graphic design class to further develop her art skills and understanding of industry programs.

  2. rosario

    My son has learned so much of FLVS ,It is a fantastic program!!! we love it.
    tomas is finishing third grade, and my question is are these “8 Classes You Didn’t Know You Could Take at FLVS” for 3th grade kids?


      Hi Rosario – These classes are for students in grades 6-12 but you can find a complete list of third grade courses at flvs.net/elementary. Hope this helps!

  3. Victoria DellaGuardia

    I absolutely love the Hospitality and Tourism class. I just finished segment one and am looking forward to learning much more in segment two!

  4. Elouise ("Paige")Ammons

    How do I sign my daughter up for classes. This is my first time seeing these classes and would love to get my daughter in Environmental Science. She is going into 8th grade are these classes still available?


      Hi Paige! Environmental Science is not open to 8th grade students but she can enroll one of our new middle school course, Visual Art 1 and 2 at flvs.net/6-8.

  5. Natalia Rechtorik

    I can’t wait for the Hospitality and Tourism class. That is where I want to pursue my career. I can’t wait to take it.


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