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As we grow, we find ourselves fascinated with topics and hobbies that inspire us. When these fascinations turn into passions, we may ask ourselves, “Is this something I can do for the rest of my life as a career?” Sometimes we don’t truly realize that the sky is the limit! But with inspiration, support, and hard work, we can make our childhood dreams a reality.  

As a young girl, Ishika enjoyed activities that allowed her to express her creativity and build new things. When she joined a local chapter of the Southeastern Consortium for Minorities in Engineering (SECME) in middle school, she realized she could have a future in engineering. Her time with SECME led to one of her biggest accomplishments, winning the National SECME Mousetrap Car Competition in the junior division, which further sparked her enthusiasm towards engineering

Now a 10th grade FLVS Flex student, Ishika has continued to put her passion for engineering into practice in and out of the virtual classroom–competing in science fairs and challenges, volunteering, and hosting camps for young children.

This spring she hosted her first virtual engineer camp, Gear Up, where 20 campers from the Boys and Girls Club of Central Florida had the opportunity to build recycled racecars. During her four-day camp, campers learned key components of a car, how to build a racetrack, and car physics. At the end of the camp, campers were able to put their knowledge to the test by racing their homemade cars!

Ishika says that she had an amazing time hosting the camp. “The amount of work that went into organizing, planning, and holding it was all worth it when I started working with the kids.” 

Her hard work and leadership has not gone unnoticed. Over the past three years, Ishika has earned numerous science fair awards. She was also selected as a 2020 Engineer Girl Ambassador, one of only 23 girls in the United States, by the National Academy of Engineering for encouraging young girls to explore careers in engineering.

“I hope that girls who attended this camp left it with a feeling of excitement and inspiration to continue working on engineering projects in the future.” 

In the future, Ishika plans to continue her engineering studies, give back by hosting camps, and pursue her goal of becoming an environmental engineer after high school!  

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Fun Facts About Ishika:

Favorite Subjects: Sciences & English  Math
Hobbies: Play the piano, read, bake, sew, and swim
Future Goal: Become an environmental engineer 

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