Awarding Excellence: Club Awards Day 2023

The annual Club Awards Day is a highlight of the Florida Virtual School (FLVS) school year because it recognizes the hard work, dedication, and achievements of more than 350 student leaders nominated by their FLVS club sponsors. The event demonstrates how camaraderie, friendships, and continued learning evolve outside the virtual classroom. With more than 60 student clubs and activities, FLVS offers students the opportunity to expand their knowledge and spend time with friends and classmates who share the same interests.

Unleashing Student Potential: A Tour of Club Displays

Club Displays

Students, families, teachers, administrators, and supporters viewed more than 45 student display boards highlighting the incredible skills and opportunities our students and clubs accomplished this year – from cooking delicious recipes, logging fitness time, winning competitions, showing animals, and coding video games. 

Student representatives manned the booths and shared a little bit about their club and why they participated in it. 

“I really enjoy participating in the National Junior Honor Society,” said Isabelle H. “I feel like as a group we come together and better the world around us.”

Lilliana A., a 9th grader and member of the Esports Club, felt the club helped her build time management skills and club members benefitted from improving their teamwork and coordination skills.

Show-Stopping Performances


What better way for our students to show off the fantastic skills they perfected in their clubs this school year than by starting the awards with some of their show-stopping performances? 

First, the Mindfulness and Yoga Club demonstrated the yoga poses and sequences they worked on throughout the year. Sun salutations can especially be beneficial when working on a computer because the dynamic exercises connect your breath with your body.

In only its first year as a club, the Elementary Dance Cub brought the crowd to their feet with a fun routine set to the song, “Best Day of My Life.” The Elementary Cheerleaders then performed a cheer live while taking pride in FLVS. Go Blue and White!

Elementary ASL Club

The elementary and middle school American Sign Language (ASL) clubs showcased their mastery of the language through song, as students signed “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and “This is Me” from the movie, The Greatest Showman. And this was the first year the elementary students performed entirely by themselves. 

“It was my first time performing at the Club Awards,” said Daniella P., a middle school ASL Club member. “I love to dance – ballet, tap, hip hop, and Latin, so performing while signing was a new and unique experience.”

Unleashing Student Talent: A Showcase of Club Performances

Each club sponsor was able to nominate one to three members for a Certificate of Excellence. Students were nominated based on active participation in the club’s activities, events, and meetings throughout the year, demonstrating leadership skills within the club, showing a positive attitude, and working collaboratively with other members. Students were called to the stage to be recognized for their outstanding achievements within their respective clubs.

Elementary School Clubs

  • American Sign Language: Alisa B., Aurora G.
  • Art Club K-1: Noah H., Jamie Lynn W.
  • Art Club 2-3: Josiah H., Lily E.
  • Art Club 4-5: Carlos L., Maya K.
  • Book Club K-1: Beau L., Caleb D.
  • Book Club 2-3: Elijah H., Peyton T.
  • Book Club 4-5: Iberia S., Keerthi A.
  • Cheerleading Club: Lilly C., Anna M., Hailey A.
  • Coding Club 3-5: Scarlett C.
  • Cooking Club K-1: Jamie Lynn W., Brantley A.
  • Cooking Club 2: Kalina J., Bohdee M.
  • Cooking Club 3: Jlianna R., Ma’Kayla I.
  • Cooking Club 4: Reese D., Tea M.
  • Cooking Club 5: Ali E., Evan M.
  • Dance Club: Aurelia L., Reese M.W. D.
  • Gardening Club K-2: Arabella F.
  • Gardening Club 3-5: Joseph P.
  • Mindfulness and Yoga Club: Zane de S., Oakley Areu H.
  • Multicultural Crafts Club: Grant G., Olivia W.
  • National Elementary Honor Society (FT 4-5): Khatirah B., Joseph L.
  • Photography Club 3-5: Lucy N., Keira P., Aiden S.
  • Robotics Club 2-3: Quinn W., August H.
  • Robotics Club 4-5: Faith H.
  • Running Club: Ryan C., Leo M., Emma S.
  • TV Production Club (FT K-5): Grace V., Rhianna R.
  • TV Production Club (Flex K-5): Colin B., Sy Sy B.

Middle and High School Clubs

  • ASL Honor Society (9-12): Gabby S.
  • ASL 6-8: Katelyn Kiss, Daniella P.
  • Anime Club (6-12): Ava K., Vaneza M.
  • Art Club (6-12): Abigail G., Ocean Areu H.
  • Black Student Union (9-12): Kyana-Rae H., Jayvionna N.
  • Cooking Club (6-8): Cassina R., Natasha L.
  • Cooking Club (9-12): Yazmin M., Zoey T.
  • Creative Writing Club (6-12): Lia D.
  • Drama Club (6-12): Yolanda del P., Brit H.
  • Esport Video Game Club (8-12): Lilliana A., Logan W.
  • FIT Club (6-12): Cora H., Cecilia K.
  • Florida Future Educators of America (FFEA) (9-12): Ariella R., Samantha B.
  • French Club (6-12): Autumn I., Jeff J.
  • French Honor Society (9-12): Soumia H.
  • Future Business Leaders of America (9-12): Alan A.
  • Future Farmers of America (FFA) (9-12): Reese G., Ashlyn M.
  • Glee Club (6-12): Riya S., Ava P.
  • History Club (6-12): Presley V., Grace C.
  • International Club (6-12): Presley V., Kaden B.
  • Junior Gamily Club (9-12): William M., Terry F. 
  • Latin Club (6-12): Emmanuel Z.
  • Math Club (6-12): Cecilia K.
  • National English Honor Society (10-12): Taylor E., Katelyn R.
  • STEAM Club (6-12): Nelson M., Dominic C.
  • Science National Honor Society (10-12): Arianna M., Sierra J., Kyana Rae H., Ambriel K.
  • Spanish Nuts At Practice (SNAP) (6-12): Ava T.
  • Technology Club (6-12): Yadiel C., Omar V.
  • Technology Student Association (TSA) (9-12): Kenzi C., Brady K.
  • Teen Driving Club (8-12): Breanna B.
  • Yearbook/Unbound Club (6-12): Anthony T., London C.
  • Youth Entrepreneur Club (9-12): Mary Grace B.

FLVS Full Time Middle School Clubs

  • National Honor Society (6-8): Brielle B., Isabelle H.
  • Photography Club (6-8): Aiden C., Charlie Bianchi P., Daniel O.
  • Student Council (6-8): John F., Miya Von E., Natasha L., Ethan T.
  • Yearbook Club (6-12): Indira H.

FLVS Full Time High School Clubs

  • FVHS Peer Tutors Club (9-12): Katelyn R., Kylie P.
  • National Honor Society (10-12): Lacie B.
  • Senior Class Club (12): Nayely R.
  • Spanish National Honor Society (9-12): Daniella B., Amber L., Rachel W.
  • Speech and Debate (9-12): Daniel A., Sarah K.
  • Student Government: D’Liyah L., Ella J.

And congratulations to the Senior Outstanding Award winners, Lacie B. and Soumia H.. These Seniors have shown growth, leadership, citizenship, and unwavering commitment and attitude to their clubs and beyond. As well as excelling both academically in and out of the classroom.

Lacie B., Senior Outstanding Award and National Honor Society Winner

“Club Awards is such a cool event. Not only do students perform for their friends and family, but they also see their online classmates, teachers, and sponsors in person,” said Mae Martin, Student Activities Manager and coordinator for the Club Awards. “There is so much love and support within the crowd and it’s so moving to see the pride in the students, families, and sponsors’ faces. And we couldn’t do it without our amazing faculty sponsors. They embody the commitment of FLVS – students at the center of every decision we make.”

Also, thank you to the FLVS Foundation for sponsoring the event and always supporting our students. 
Are you interested in participating in an FLVS club next year? Learn more about the exciting offerings FLVS provides here. And keep a look out for Club Rush, taking place in September.

Katie HodginsKatie Hodgins brings her wealth of experience and passion to the FLVS team, assuming the role of Content and Public Relations Specialist. A military veteran and lifelong learner, Katie enjoys communicating unique and innovative stories about people, places, and opportunities to inspire and engage the next generation. Having traveled throughout the world, she is excited to plant roots here in Florida and with Florida Virtual School.

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  1. katelyn kiss

    I was actully there!!I had to leave early through.I was there with the asl milddle school asl club signing this is me!They gived me my stuff before I left I got a medal I got a certifcete for being in the club and one for my work in the club I got a clip on pin thing for being in the club and another one for my work in the club and flvs goodie bag 🙂

    1. Weston Dean (Wes)

      Aw you’re so lucky, I might not be able to join a club I’ll be going in person for High School

    1. Weston Dean (Wes)

      No, sorry! I didn’t go, I wish I did but I don’t know why i would have to go in the first place. I’m not even in a club!! 🙂 XD

  2. Sabrina Newton

    My son received a letter from National Honor Society Award. When and where is the awards ceremony for this?

    1. Elizabeth JonesElizabeth Jones

      Hi Sabrina, The letter you received was not from Florida Virtual School. We recommend reaching out directly to the National Honor Society for assistance. Thanks!


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