Six Tips for Homeschooling Your Middle Schooler With Florida Virtual School

Homeschool parents – are you feeling overwhelmed by the idea of teaching your middle schooler using online courses? We understand that it can feel that way initially, but we’re here to help!  Here are six tips to help you homeschool your middle schooler with Florida Virtual School (FLVS).

1. Create a structured, but flexible daily routine

The middle school years are full of changes, which is why it’s essential to establish a routine. This means setting aside specific times for schoolwork, breaks, meals, and other activities. 

Homeschooling with FLVS gives you the flexibility to create a schedule that works for you and your family. No more rigid schedules that aren’t achievable for your family. 

 You can also work with your child to establish priorities. By deciding the most important tasks, your child can take responsibility for their schedule and find the most efficient ways to stay organized and on track. Many of our students find success with time-blocking. This time management strategy incorporates scheduling the day into smaller chunks where they can focus on a single or similar task. This prevents a back-and-forth effect, where a student can lose momentum and focus.

2. Check out our resources 

Florida Virtual School provides a wealth of resources, specifically for homeschooled families. For those new to the homeschool journey, start off with the new to homeschool webinar. Still, have questions? Make sure to read the home education guide for guidance on home education laws and responsibilities. For additional questions, check out the homeschool frequently asked questions.

3. Encourage independent learning

Middle schoolers are at an age where they want to start taking ownership of their learning as they develop their own interests and learning styles. Encourage your child to take the lead with their studies, and give them the freedom to explore topics that interest them. Whether it’s Computer Science, Spanish, Peer Counseling, Coding Fundamentals, or Visual Arts, FLVS middle school courses connect your child’s interests with their learning.

4. Use our course progression guides and counselor support

Choosing relevant classes is essential for homeschooling success! Luckily, Florida Virtual School streamlines the educational process with our course progression guides for grades Kindergarten-12 to assist students and parents in selecting the right courses. 

Plus, our team of dedicated counselors is available to provide guidance and support. The counselor office is the one-stop shop for guidance services for FLVS Flex homeschool families, including topics such as career readiness, college preparation, scholarship and financial aid information, advisement, personal growth, social skill building, and more. Our counselors also provide timely updates on webinars and additional tips on the FLVS advisement Facebook page. Click here to contact an FLVS School Counselor.

5. Socialize through our FLVS clubs

Homeschooling doesn’t mean you and your child are isolated. Florida Virtual School has more than 60 online clubs that your middle schooler can join to make new friends and connect with other students who share similar interests. 

A few examples of some of the exciting clubs offered to our middle school students include Speech and Debate Club, Junior Gaming Club, Art Club, Agriculture Club, and Photography Club. For a full list of all the clubs available to middle school students, check out the student clubs resource center.

6. Have fun

Learning shouldn’t be boring! Find ways to make it fun and engaging for your middle schooler. Use games, puzzles, and other interactive activities to help them learn. And remember, it’s okay to take breaks. Homeschooling should be a positive experience for both you and your child.
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