Got Balance?

balanceDo you ever stop and think about how much you juggle to find balance on a daily basis?

First, there’s the never-ending work or school/life balance.  Then, there’s the healthy/non-healthy balance. How much and what we eat needs to be considered along with and how much we sleep and exercise.  The balance between saving and spending is also part of that struggle.  Balancing family, friends, and personal time can also be a battle.  You name it, we’re trying to balance it!

Finding our balance might seem like a small thing, but it has a profound impact on our daily function. Finding and maintaining balance is something we usually don’t think about, until we lose it.

Here are five simple tips to help stay balanced:

Take Time for People.

Relationships matter. Building human bonds and connections is important. Spend some quality time with friends and family. Enjoy a chat over coffee, play a board game, or make a date to go out with your significant other.

Don’t be afraid to say no.

It is just not possible to do it all, so if it does not add value or is not essential to your daily function, cut it out. Sometimes, if a task is required but we are overloaded, delegating is a strategic way to get things done and maintain your balance. Whether it is an extra project at work or prepping dinner for the family, delegating to a colleague or your spouse can help you from overloading yourself.


Unplug the phone, computer, and all devices each night for a few hours and on the weekend. Give your brain a rest and go do something with someone instead.

Take time for you.

You are usually the last priority on the list, but need to be first. Spending time alone refreshes and rejuvenates. Even if it’s only 15 minutes, it will do you a world of good. Go for a walk, take a bath, meditate, draw, journal, listen to music, or read a book for a little while all by yourself! Treat yourself to your favorite tea or coffee, get a massage or pedicure, it doesn’t have to be much, but it will impact how you feel!

Get some exercise and a laugh.

Hitting the gym or getting moving, even for small periods at the beginning of your day, helps to improve your mood throughout the remainder of the day. Ultimately, it helps boost your energy, productivity, and concentration as well. Another way to improve your mood is to laugh. Nothing makes us feel better than a good belly laugh! For a quick fix, subscribe to a joke a day or pick up a humorous calendar. Laughter really is the best medicine.

Amy LaGrastaAmy LaGrasta, Flex School Counseling Senior Manager, helps students make informed decisions about courses, career and college options, and the study habits needed for online success. Prior to joining FLVS, she served as the guidance director at Estero High School in Lee County, FL where she was honored with the Teacher of Distinction award.

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