Providing Deeper Meaning: Two Brothers Take Hebrew 1 and 2

Jonathan and David Miller first started taking courses with Florida Virtual School (FLVS) in middle school because they were always traveling for their parent’s work as missionaries. Jonathan, now in twelfth grade, and David, now in ninth grade, are homeschooled and use FLVS courses because they provide them with the flexible schedule they need, paired with the comprehensive courses they are interested in taking. 

In fact, the brothers were both interested in taking new FLVS World Language courses – Hebrew 1 and 2 – and they decided to enroll in the classes together. Their main reasons: they wanted to be able to speak the language when they travel to Israel one day, as well as connect to their faith on a deeper level.  

Hebrew 1: Language and culture 

When I asked Jonathan and David what they both liked about Hebrew 1, they both agreed it was the teacher support.  

 “What I really loved about the course is that I was taught by a real teacher who was fluent in the language,” said David. “If I had a question, my teacher was always there to help! There were also so many tools that we could use to help us practice.” 

Some of these tools include live lessons, videos, and interactive lessons that combine reading and comprehension. Plus, along the way, there are mini-tests that help students practice what they learn before taking an exam.  

“One of the most powerful parts of the class is the discussion-based assessment,” said Casey Miller, Jonathan and David’s mom. “It allowed Jonathan and David to hear the teacher speak the language and then gave them the opportunity to practice speaking Hebrew themselves.”  

Prior to homeschooling the boys, Casey was a Spanish teacher, and told me that languages like Hebrew, which are not romance languages like French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese, allow for a different level of memorization because of the symbols. 

“It’s like cracking a code and really helps with mathematical thinking,” said Casey.  

Hebrew 2: Applying Hebrew in your life 

The brothers told me that the difference between Hebrew 1 and 2, besides continuing to build your comprehension and fluency, is that you practice applying the language more into your life. 

For Jonathan and David, this concept took form when reading the Bible.  

“Hebrew is a great language and culture to learn about,” said Jonathan. “It is very old and has been influential throughout history. Learning the language has helped me better understand my own faith.” 

Casey also discussed how learning Hebrew brought value to her trip to Israel. For example, as she walked around Jerusalem, she was able to read what different historical signs said. “When my boys go to Israel one day, I want them to be able to do the same.” 

Learning Hebrew has also increased Jonathan’s and David’s confidence. “When I first started in Hebrew 1, I relied heavily on my notes. But now in Hebrew 2, I have trust in myself that I know the language and can do well on the tests,” said Jonathan.   

Using their knowledge to help 

By taking Hebrew 1 and 2, the brothers have met their college requirements as most colleges like to see at least two years of the same world language. But even though their requirements have been met, both brothers want to continue learning Hebrew in order to help people.  

“In the future, I plan on becoming a missionary myself, and I want to be able to communicate with people from all over the world when I travel,” said Jonathan. 

“I want to become a pediatrician, so that I can help children around the world who need medical assistance, but may not have access to it,” said David.  

If you are considering taking Hebrew 1 or 2 with FLVS, both brothers say you should try it!  

“If you want to learn Hebrew, go through FLVS!” said Jonathan. “You have so many tools and resources, including the teachers.” 

“Hebrew 1 and 2 are impressive,” said David. “The lessons and notes go so in-depth, and the teachers really care and want to see you succeed.” 

To learn more about Hebrew 1 and Hebrew 2, we recommend speaking to your school counselor or visiting our website at  

Hailey FitchHailey Fitch is a Communications Manager for FLVS and FlexPoint, dedicated to telling the stories of our students, families, and the schools and districts we work with to showcase the positive impact of online learning. When she isn't busy writing, you can find her obsessing over superheroes and planning her next travel adventure.

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  1. Weston Dean (Wes)

    This is so interesting!! It must take lots of practice to learn Hebrew, I know that I need lots of practice for Spanish, lol.

    1. Weston Dean (Wes)

      I wish you bet of luck in learning Spanish Katelyn!! I’ve taken both middle school Spanish courses, I love learning new languages. lol 🙂

      1. katelyn kiss

        Thanks and Same it is amazing learning new ways to communicate in fact I sign up for the ASL club (American sign language club) a few days ago I can’t wait in till the first meet!!😄

      2. Weston Dean (Wes)

        I’m super bad at sign language, I only know Spanish, English (of course), British (basically with an English accent), and I’m tempted to learn either Korean, Japanese or Chinese.

  2. Kelly McFarland

    I love this story! Both boys are motivated by their faith and have a vision for their goals and how to help others in the future. My daughter’s best friend is in Hebrew 1 with FLVS and also enjoys it.

  3. Linda Hostelley

    So very proud of both of you and your capacity to speak and write Hebrew! What insight into the Word on a whole different level. Can’t wait to see how God will use you to touch the nations for Him.
    Love you, Nanny ❤️✝️❤️🗡


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