Start Fresh with Health & Wellness Courses or Clubs

New Year’s resolutions can be easy to make and even easier to break, but having goals for the new year—especially health and wellness ones—can help you start fresh. Florida Virtual School (FLVS) has courses and clubs to help you connect with friends, learn new strategies for taking care of your mind and body, and achieve success in 2022!  

Get Motivated, Get Moving with FLVS Courses 

Knowledge is power. And for students looking to grow their minds and develop healthier habits this year, FLVS courses are the perfect place to start. Explore topics like nutrition and fitness and learn strategies for a healthy lifestyle—like how to create a hydration station or design a lunch menu for the whole family.   

Leo, FLVS Running Club

Courses for Grades K-5  

  • Physical Education (K-5)  

Courses for Grade 6-8

  • M/J Fitness (Grade 6) 
  • M/J Comprehensive PE (Grade 7) 
  • M/J Comprehensive PE (Grade 8) 

Courses for Grades 9-12 

  • Fitness Lifestyle Design 
  • Health Opportunities through Physical Education (HOPE) 
  • Life Management Skills (elective) 
  • Outdoor Education  
  • Personal Fitness 

Connect & Conquer with FLVS Clubs 

Ivana, FLVS Running Club

No matter what you’re striving for, remember FLVS students have your back! From running to mindfulness tips—there’s a club at FLVS for every stage of your health & wellness journey. Plus, connect with students across the state and get ready to conquer your goals, together.  

Clubs for Grades K-5

  • Running Club (K-5) 
  • Cheerleading Club (K-5) 
  • Mindfulness & Yoga Club (3-5) 

Clubs for Grades 6-12 

  • FIT Club (6-12) 
  • Virtual Strides Club (6-12) 

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