Teaching is a Work of Heart

Florida Virtual School teachers strive to serve students with excellence.

Behind every computer is a unique student who our teachers aim to nurture and support. We want to give a shout-out to our amazing teachers who provide more than encouragement and support – teachers who provide Works of Heart.

Today, we have a few Works of Heart video stories to share with you. We hope these stories will inspire you to create your own Works of Heart.

Meet Mrs. Borchers

Our first Works of Heart story involves a Kindergartner wanting to feel like every other Kindergartner. Learn more about how Mrs. Borchers gives her student Peyton something to look forward to when he’s in the hospital due to his health.

Another Works of Heart story shares how Mrs. Williams brings the art of photography to a community.

The third Works of Heart story involves Mrs. Cruz-Mejias and a pair of ice skates.

Our last Works of Heart video has two stories about Mr. Joyce. One involving the well-being of a student and the other, an Uber.

Amazing stories like these happen every day at FLVS because of the dedication of our teachers. Thank you to all of our teachers for going above and beyond to serve students.

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

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