Win a Family Getaway to Kennedy Space Center!

There’s still time to enter our summer video contest – and win an awesome new prize!

Share a video of you learning a new skill by July 31 and you could be the lucky winner of a family getaway to Kennedy Space Center!

View all of the contest details here.

Did you know that NASA specifically seeks individuals who have a history of struggle and failures when searching for astronauts and engineers? Those who have bounced back and grown from their mistakes bring with them a unique set of strengths over those with straightforward success stories.


“There is a shared set of specific behaviors at NASA that enable individuals to excel as system engineers…

…These behaviors are observable and measurable. And, while these behaviors come naturally to some individuals, they are skills that potentially can be developed and learned.” A growth mindset encourages individuals to view themselves “as a work in progress with opportunities for growth…[to] grow, change and learn new behaviors and skills.”    – NASA Systems Engineering Behavior Study (October 2008)

If you want to succeed at something, attitude is critical to success.

Persistence – even in the face of adversity – is what builds resilience. If you think your intelligence is fixed and you (or your peers or your parents) tend to speak in those terms – you’re selling yourself short! Whether you say “I’m a genius” or “I stink at Math,” you’re ignoring the fact that your brain power and potential aren’t a non-negotiable given. Your brain is what you make of it!

Anyone and everyone can grow new neural networks by training their brain. If you’re bad at math, you can become better. If you’re great at it, you can be incredible!

It’s what we call growth mindset. It’s critical to your success – and it’s what our contest is all about! 

Joining the contest is quick and easy! Just complete any or all of the following steps to enter:

Share a video you showing progressive development of a new skill. Need an example? Start here.

1. Share a brief video clip on Vine or Instagram with hashtag #flvsbrainchallenge
2. Challenge friends by posting a video to Vine or Instagram
3. Upload a single video to YouTube with separate segments/clips that have been edited together showing the step-by-step learning process

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