Things to LOVE about Live Video Lessons

As you may know, FLVS recently started using Zoom for our live instruction – a cloud-based platform for video and audio conferencing, chat, and live interaction. As with any change, this has taken some getting used to, but I am really loving this new tool for interacting with my students and families!

Zoom has allowed us to communicate with students and colleagues in a whole new way. One awesome feature is that you are able to easily join a meeting or live lesson, something my families have given very positive feedback about. Lessons are easy to access on phones and tablets, so students on the go can easily attend Class Time or participate in interactive discussion-based assessments (DBAs) with their teachers.

Another thing I love is that there is no limit to the number of cameras turned on. All students can have their camera on if they wish. This really makes me feel like I’m right there with my students, seeing their faces throughout the lesson. There are also interactive tools that allow students to show their thinking (stamping, drawing, typing) which make live lessons fun!

Being on video is also a nice feature when we meet with our grade level teachers and schoolhouse; all teachers and staff can have their cameras on and it makes the meetings much more personal.

The ability to have a virtual background for live video is one of the things I love most, as this allows you to choose an image that engages your students. If you have a green screen or a blank wall behind you, you can upload any image as your background!

The images I choose align with holidays or whatever we are learning about. I even use images from books we read as my background! This feature also allows you to connect with student interests. During DBAs, I will change my background to something I know my student loves: Legos, dinosaurs, llamas…the possibilities are endless!

We are just a couple of months into our journey with this new tool, but the LOVE is strong in our online Kindergarten classroom!

Cara PiperCara Piper loves teaching Kindergarten students online with FLVS Flex Elementary! She is a teacher mama, grammar aficionado, blogger, and collector of creative headbands to keep her students engaged during Class Time. Follow her on Instagram @virtualelementaryteachers.

10 comments on “Things to LOVE about Live Video Lessons

  1. Patti

    Well I’m not crazy about it because they stopped all the zoom classes just after my grandson started FLVS they stopped the zoom classes so now he feels totally alienated this is not a very good thing for kids that have ADHD and or gifted it is not a good thing at all. Without actual having a teacher teach the lessons my kid doesn’t get it and I can’t help him. So until they start back in Zoom FLVS truly sucks.


      Hi Patti! We started back up with Zoom lessons this month! We hope this improves your experience. Please let your teachers know if there is anything they can offer to provide additional support. ❤︎

  2. Risa

    I don’t see anywhere in instructions that entering a live class is difficult if you are late?? Is it not accessible if you are late?

  3. Mayelin Polanco

    Good morning, my name is Mayelin my child Jania Hernandez is currently a student on flex. She is having difficulty with her math class and would like to switch to classes that she can interact LIVE with teacher and students. Dhe would like to physically interact with the class. Please direct me to the appropriate person that can help me with this. My email is her DOB is 01/09/2007. You can also reach me by phone 407 781-7445. Thank you kindly.

  4. Lisa

    Um so like do we need to join classes in flvs or do they give the work, and also if we have a class like for example like zoom do you need to turn on your camera.


      Hi Lisa, Live lessons for core classes are 2x per week and electives are 1x per week, attendance is not required but encouraged. The students schedule will determine their live lesson scheduling. Hope this helps!

  5. Cam

    Is the live lesson recorded? And do you have to attend it? I know for some kids the live lessons may be beneficials but for older children not having to attend those would be very convenient and easy.

    1. Elizabeth JonesElizabeth Jones

      Hi Cam, Live Lessons are not required but are strongly encouraged for middle and high school students.


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