10 Ways Schools Can Prepare for COVID-19

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Online education is known for providing students from all backgrounds a path for learning.

From student athletes to hospital/homebound students, online learning can offer students the opportunity to continue their education at any time and from any place. It also allows students to stay on track amid health concerns, disaster relief efforts, and other challenging circumstances.

At Florida Virtual School (FLVS), we serve schools and teachers so they are able to support students despite disruptions. Working closely with school districts, we have collected a number of best practices over the last 22 years of teaching students in this unique online environment. 

Here’s our collection of tips to help schools and teachers meet the educational needs of students when transitioning to an online learning environment. 

As an online school district and educational solutions provider, FLVS is equipped to help students stay on track if or when traditional classroom instruction is disrupted. 

We have also collected a few tips and useful information regarding coronavirus and educational impacts: 

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6 comments on “10 Ways Schools Can Prepare for COVID-19

  1. Tracy Erickson

    Last week, when Orange County schools were originally closed for an additional week, we teachers received an email about partnering with FLVS to deliver online instruction. I signed up for a training course with FLVS, but I haven’t heard anything else about it, and the email has disappeared. Are we still going to have this opportunity for training?


      Hi Tracy. Please reach out to your principal to express your interest and check on status regarding your training request. Each district is designating teachers to participate and the final list should be sent to us from the superintendent. You can find details about eligibility and registration on our website at https://flvs.net/FLVSTeacherTraining.

  2. Marilyn Colon

    Are students from Polk County to be initiated in online classes? If so, when it will begin? Can I set up an account and my child begin to take classes online to be counted for her 9th grade?


      Hi Marilyn. You should hear from your school and district administrators regarding next steps for public school students as they finalize your county’s continuity plans.


      Each district is working on a continuity plan to keep their students on track. Please keep an eye out for communication from your administrators for information specific to Seminole county!


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