Online Learning in 2021 and Beyond: Insights from FLVS Parents

Last year, we saw one of society’s most significant cultural shifts as people transitioned from in-person birthday parties to Zoom parties, everyday outings to at-home alternatives, and traditional classrooms to online learning. The COVID-19 pandemic changed everything about how people worked, lived, and learned.   

While the transition to a stay-at-home lifestyle and online learning presented challenges, it also provided many families with a new sense of safety and flexibility. And it’s not surprising that with the end of the 2020-21 school year approaching (the first full year of virtual learning for many), parents have a new take on online learning and how it fits into their families’ post-pandemic lives.  

Expectations for the Future

The latest survey conducted by FLVS, Cultural Shifts & Perceptions of Virtual Education, revealed that 65 percent of parents—regardless of their children’s grade level—expect online education to be a part of their child’s future for the next school year.  

What’s more is that parents of younger children also feel confident that online learning will meet their kids’ education needs, with 55.5 percent of K-5 parents expressing the highest level of confidence in online learning compared to in-person. This confirms something we’ve known for a long time at Florida Virtual School — trust, inspiration, and support go a long way in education.  

“This past school year exposed many families to online learning for the first time, and although there were challenges, there were parents that noticed that an online learning environment is what their children needed to blossom,” said Robin Winder, Senior Director of Instruction for Florida Virtual School. “On the other hand, FLVS Flex is perfect for those that want to continue with some online courses while still registered at their zoned school or homeschooled—or for students that want to take advantage of the summer to get ahead, as they can start at any time.” 

Confidence in Online Learning

Parents also reported that their children have developed better study habits, as the online environment allows them to focus and have fewer distractions than in-person learning. They also felt there is better and more frequent communication between parents and teachers—with Florida Virtual School teachers’ individualized approach being a key benefit.  

Parents also offered explanations behind this confidence. One commented their child “thrived online with her education and really enjoyed it,” while another indicated their student has “blossomed in education with online classes and is doing better grade wise than ever before.” Others cited the dependable curriculum, excellent teachers, and ability for their children to work at a pace that is best for them as key drivers of their students’ success.  

With enrollment for the 2021-22 school year now open at Florida Virtual School, we’re happy to see how our student-first approach to learning is changing perceptions of online learning, and more importantly, helping students and families find success.  

You can get additional insights from parents of FLVS students by reading the full report available through our Online Learning Community: Facts About Online Learning – FLVS Reports.  

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